Do guys like tomboys?

cause I don't find girly girls fun...


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  • honestly it really depends on the guy and his preferences but, actually I do like tomboys. Tomboys well girls whose personality is like the guys is cool because they will get down and dirty were girly girls won't and play hard. The only problem I see is how much of a tom boy are you?

    • Well I grew up with 3 bros and all guy cous's.. takein apart four wheelers,cars,trucks,loaders. worked in the woods all my life with my fam "fire wood".. I have one friend that's agirl and she's just as big as a tom boy as I am, I do wear some make up but mostly just jeans and a tank and I get along with any guy, its just I can't never get past the friend part. I was allways one of the guys

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  • For most guys, we want to hang out with tom boys, we don't want to date them.

    Boys don't date "boys".

    Unless their gay.

    • What ever helps you sleep at night

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    • Usally when "i" dress like that is whenim gunna go bikein or somethin sorry I can't wear pink and have my hair did and go hit some jumps, I don't like girly men lol. I'm a tom boy for a reason. why they uf*** wuld I wanna hang out with a bunch of fags, grow up a bit or give your head a shake there budddddy

    • A lot of women hang out with fags, but they don't have sex with them.

  • i like tom boys who are still feminine inside

  • Sure! I actually prefer a tom boy over a stereotypical teenage girl! They are so much more fun to hang around and go do things with because they like to do most of the things I like to do! And they have great, wild personalities that just make it 10 times better! I don't know who wouldn't want to hang out with tom boys!

  • I prefer tom boys, although the guys were right a lot of guys don't date tom boys

  • no tom boys please

    • K have fun with your little girly bitches

  • i like tom boys!


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  • I've always wanted to know the answer to this question!

    • Oh mee too haha,

    • This should be obvious. Hanging around, scratching your crotch, watching football with the guys drinking beer and sweating, does NOT make me want to sleep with you.

  • I'm a tom boy and I get guys all the time. I can dress girly and sometimes just throw on a t shirt and jeans and call it a day. I think from my experience a lot of guys like the tom boys. More down to earth, chill, layed back, you can tell them anything. Men seem to be more comfortable around them. Plus as my career,i'm around men constantly and get dirty all the time so they have to deal with it (firefighter)

  • If I were a guy I'd probably be into tomboys because I have a hard enough time dealing with prissy drama queens as a girl. I'd hate to have to DATE them!

  • The majority of the guys I know like girls who are at least a little bit girly. They have their guy mates for all the other stuff. Those guys do like athletic girls, if that's what you're asking. But otherwise no... most the guys I know don't want to date girls who act like guys.