What does it mean if a guy send you a text that says "Hey" and that's it?

I hung out with this guy the other day and didn't think he seemed terribly interested.

But the next day he sent me a text and all it said was "Hey."

We texted back and forth maybe 2 more times about what we were up to. That was it.



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  • Don't read ANYTHING into this. He was saying HEY.

    PERIOD. That's what casual friends do. No, he is not interested.

    Don't chase him - let him go and find one who will do more than say

    HEY and text a couple times. PS Let HIM text YOU first! Never chase a guy -

    you give him all the power to hurt you if he knows where he's got you. They need to be the hunters and win the girl they want. Don't take that challenge away from him or he will not respect you or value what you offer. This is an important mistake girls make when wanting a guy to notice them. You know how they do? If you IGNORE THEM. You present a challenge then - and they WANT WHAT THEY CANNOT HAVE!... Guys have egos - and you need to let them know they have to PROVE they deserve you. You see? Sit back - enjoy the attention when it comes your way. Believe me. A guy who wants to talk to a woman.. will move MOUNTAINS to do it. They are not stupid people but they will not want a girl who chases them.. UNLESS he plans to use her for what he can get and then dump her. Please do not be that girl. Good luck, Sweetie. HUGZ


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What Guys Said 4

  • Most every guy that I know does that. Hey just means that. It means hey. There is no reason to try to read more into it. Guys are generally a lot more plain spoken then our female counterparts. But the fact that he did text at least showed he was thinking about you.

  • He doesn't want to makeup a fake reason to text you. Which is what most guys generally do, myself included.

  • He's not that into you at least not atm

  • He wants to say hi and wonders what you are up to.

    • That's what I wanted to say too

    • Does that mean he's interested? Or just bored?

    • It can go either way. But since its the next day I bet he's intrested.

What Girls Said 3

  • At least he texted YOU.

    he probally wants to know what's up, and if he texted first he obviously was thinking about you.

    Some guys just suck at texting lol

  • Some guys just really suck at texting. I have a friend who will text me at random hours of the night with, 'hey.' and wait for me to respond or 'r you up?' Then when I try to carry a conversation he just replies with 'cool. lol' or 'yah'. Not exactly the best conversationalist.

  • well he took the time to message you which means he went out of his way to talk to you. and that could mean anything from liking you to just wanting to talk.