Why do you men melt when a girl cries?

Why is this? My boyfriend will do it when it's any other girl but me...why? It p*sses me off because I am the kind of girl who sucks it up and simply says F*ck it! But I am a girl deep, deep, deep down and I do cry and when I do he acts weird and says things like "Seriously stop being a baby" but one of his friends that is a girl called him crying and he is the most understanding guy in the world!

Why doesn't he act like that with me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • for a lot of us its how close to home the tears are hitting, most of our lives we're being told we're men, and we DONT cry. you're our other 1/2.. that's as close as it can get without being a serious weakness of ours.. for thoes that do wrap their arms around you, its not just them being sensitive towards you, its them being able to bypass their personal feelings to help yours as well.