Boyfriend is Distant After Whispering "I Love You"... Should I be Worried?

Last weekend my Boyfriend whispered "i love you" to me during a post-coital "afterglow" moment :) Funny thing is he seems to be acting a little distant these days. Should I be worried? I pretended like I didn't hear it... given that he whispered it so quietly (barely audible) in my ear. I have... Show More

I let him know that I felt the same way -- and solidified my sentiments by ending an email sign-off -- Love, (name). He waited a day to respond and he too signed off with Love, (name). I think we are growing slowly.

Most Helpful Girl

  • if a guy that isn't open with his emotions whispers he loves you and you ignore it...of course he is going to act a distant...or maybe he said it to please you and when he said he realized he is not there yet or maybe he won't be you really need to sit down and have a talk with him