GUYS :) Do you like it when us girls are all mushy & lovey dovey ALOT?

Okay so, with my crush. I like to remind him all the time how much I care...& I tell him all the things I like about him, & when he does something I like I let him know. But sometimes I look back & I feel like I'm being TOO mushy! But he tells me he likes it when I do that. Do you guys really like things like that or was he just being nice?


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  • lets put it this way..if he doesn't like it..its sure one hell of an ego boost. lol. we thrive off of compliments. just as girls helps our ego. especially with the next girl that comes along

    as for the situation. I'm sure he does. I mean we may be about sex..but I think in the long run when a girl does things for a guy like that. I think it makes him feel like. he's on top of the world and that nothing can stop him. ya know?


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  • i love it in person but its kind of creepy if your doing that type of stuff all day long through text msgs and wanting to tlk all day long

    but in person its so cool because when you are together that time is for you two to get closer and be as mushy as you want

    but over the phone there should be a limit only because if your doing all this through the phone

    1) your proably distracting him so he can't get something done

    2) you won't be able to say the same mushy stuff in person(when it really counts) because you used it all up over the phone

    3) just being honest if I have a lot of free time on my hand and I'm not spending it with you its proably because I'm using that free time to get a little space. that's not saying every time he has free time and isn't with you he is trying to avoid you. I'm just saying sommetimes we just need time to sit back play a video game, play basketball with the fellas, you know guy stuff

  • Yeah we like it... As long as it's not a constant thing, then it can be too much.

  • For the most part yes... don't embarrass us publicly and don't do it when there's a serious situation going on

  • personally I don't like it, only sometimes I like when a girl acts normal and kinda shy and we do like when you tell us what you like of us. Some guys do like that kinda attentions some just like a normal girl how she treated you before anything happens, cause the way you acted before you guys went out is the person who he likes.


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  • Some do, some don't. Just be careful and make sure that he really is as nice as you think he is. I'm not saying he isn't nice but some guys will take advantage when they know a girl is into them. Like someone said, if he doesn't it sure as hell is one hell of an ego boost.

    I know I personally don't get mushy with men that I'm interested in simply because I can't stand it when they get mushy. Some women love it but for some reason it's off putting to me. You can tell me how you feel without giving me all of the sappy, overdundant stuff, but that's just me.