Getting a random guy's number?

Okay so I haven't had a boyfriend for over a year, and my best friend just broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago. we were talking about how hard it is to meet a decent guy and came up with a plan:

each of us are to get 10 new guy's numbers this summer before school started up again. not hooking up, not kissing, just get his number. the goal was to open up our options. eventually my best friend's sister got in on it too.

at this point both of them have 6 numbers, and I have 2. and even with those 2, they asked me for my number, I didn't ask for theirs.

its hard for me to get up enough confidence to just walk up to a random guy and strike a conversation with him, let alone ask for his number. I don't know how to start, and what to do if they're not into it or say no to giving you their number.

so guys, any tips on how to get a random guy's number? like just at the mall or something? and girls, what has worked for you in the past to get a random guys number?

all answers appreciated(: thank you(:


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  • Be confident and uplifting. If you want a certain guy's number you see, go up to him and (I know it's hard) but just say hey watsup and start talking. Guys will usually be pleased that an attractive girl is actually coming to them for once and theyre not having to always do the chase. Talk naturally, and they'res no way you won't get their number. Just say "Hey, maybe we can talk later, what's your number?"

    Don't be shy. Twice this summer a girl has gotten a friend to come up and just straight up ask me for my number. One of the times, the girl got a dude to do it, and that was just weird. I didn't give my number out because I don't know the girl at all, and I don't want to continue something that hasn't started. So just be confident and go up and do it yourself.


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  • pay a little attention, make a compliment and walk away but stay in eye sight eventually he should come after you if he likes you...


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  • You need confidence because that's really all it takes.

    Almost any guy will say they love a girl who's confindent. Not someone constantly asking if they're fat, ugly, blah blah.

    If you're sexy, then be confident and sexy, strut your way up to an attractive guy you see and tell them "I have to get going but do you mind if I get your number first?"

    I mean, they'll be totally caught off guard but pleased because guys probably don't like always making the first move and doing all the work.

    It's worked for me probably about 7 times and it still works ;D

  • look.. THE LESS YOU GET INTERESTED IN GUYS THE MORE THEY WILL FOLLOW YOU... FACT NOT FICTION. Stop thinking about it. Do something with yourself get new hobbies. If it's really meant to be, flirting will come naturally.

  • I have never had a boyfriend ever. But I feel like my best shot is asking a random dude at the mall for his number. Guys how would you reackt to this?