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My creepy 50 something year old married neighbor keeps bothering me?

Okay so I am really starting to intensely dislike my neighbor. If I want to leave my house I have to pass by his and he always likes to call me... Show More

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  • I could really imagine how awkward and uncomfortable this is for you. If you don't already, I suggest completely full on ignoring his comments. Don't even look at him when he gives you these comments. That could easily give him the picture. Or, if you want to go for a more subtle approach, [again if you don't already] give him an uncomfortable look, like a half smile. Just show him that you don't care what he's saying to you and that should give him the picture too, without a bunch of drama as you said.

    If showing him all that doesn't work, then I'd definitely talk to your parents about all of what's happened. So nothing bad happens with your family's relationship with your neighbors, you could ask them to talk to his wife about it nicely. And maybe his wife would know it's harmless and he does it a lot to different people, and could realize it was something that makes you uncomfortable, so she could tell him to stop.

    I hope all this somewhat helps you! I'm 16 1/2 and I know exactly how creepy and annoying all of this could be. So best of luck with this situation!

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  • The bastard calling you pretty and cutie call the police...sue him... unbelieveable the things guys will say

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  • If he gives you bad vibes, just let other people know he makes you uncomfortable, and try to stay away from him.

    You don't have to accuse him of anything at all. Just tell it like it is : His comments bother you and you don't want to get in his car because you don't see why he's trying to give you a ride a few blocks from home.

    Sure, he could be a harmless friendly old man, but on the other hand, he could be a full-on creeper with bad intentions. The bottom line is, follow your gut because better safe than sorry.

  • Tell his wife. If it bothers you. Tell him to stop calling you these names. If not, go to the police and charge him for harassment.

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