What is it about country boys?

At is it that you like about country boys and don't like about them? (the non-racist ones)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I come from the country so I grew up around those boys.

    Things I Like:

    They drive big trucks, are usually very strong, have a good work ethic, more old fashioned and gentleman-ly, they're not afraid to get rough and dirty, and they're self-sufficient.

    Things I Dislike:

    Very closed-minded, (you mentioned this) but they're usually racist, homophobes, and sexist; most of the ones from my town dip/smoke cigarettes, and basically dislike anyone that isn't like them.

    Overall, I appreciate country boys. They have a lot of great qualities, but I left the country and went to a huge college in the city to escape the very closed-minded thinking. I've never had a problem having friends or dating outside my race, and I have many gay friends as well. So being around that kind of thinking began to suffocate me. I really love the country boys though that don't have such narrow minded opinions.