What is it about country boys?

At is it that you like about country boys and don't like about them? (the non-racist ones)


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  • Well I come from the country so I grew up around those boys.

    Things I Like:

    They drive big trucks, are usually very strong, have a good work ethic, more old fashioned and gentleman-ly, they're not afraid to get rough and dirty, and they're self-sufficient.

    Things I Dislike:

    Very closed-minded, (you mentioned this) but they're usually racist, homophobes, and sexist; most of the ones from my town dip/smoke cigarettes, and basically dislike anyone that isn't like them.

    Overall, I appreciate country boys. They have a lot of great qualities, but I left the country and went to a huge college in the city to escape the very closed-minded thinking. I've never had a problem having friends or dating outside my race, and I have many gay friends as well. So being around that kind of thinking began to suffocate me. I really love the country boys though that don't have such narrow minded opinions.

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  • um I normally like good old Country boys for the simple fact They do what they say they are gonna do.

    What I don;t like Is most of them will grow up and take over thier parents farm.

    or that's the case around here.

    Its like they enjoy the simplest things in life too.

  • the non racist country boys are a lot better, well generally anything non racist is a lot better. I haven't dated a country boy yet but I Guess he'd be nicer or I'd just treat him like any other guy I've dated.

  • I don't care for them that much (to want to be with one)...but I have nothing against them either.

  • I don't know. You can't just say ALL country boys are one thing, like ALL country boys are hillbillies or ALL country boys are southern gentlemen. Boys are boys. It doesn't matter what adjective you put in front of it. Everyones different.

  • They have pride and are gentlemen. I don't like that sometimes they aren't adventuress with traveling and trying new things.

    Then again, I'm a Texas girl.

    So the accent is a little lost to me.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I thought most women didn't like you country dudes because you only last 8 seconds

    • I don't were you got that idea from and by the way who shoved the stick up your a*s

    • ...and I also heard that you country dudes don't have the intelligence to decipher sarcasm.

    • Ok sorry man it's hard to find sarcasm on the Internet :/

  • I don't dislike country boys in particular.