What is it about country boys?

At is it that you like about country boys and don't like about them? (the non-racist ones)


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  • Well I come from the country so I grew up around those boys.

    Things I Like:

    They drive big trucks, are usually very strong, have a good work ethic, more old fashioned and gentleman-ly, they're not afraid to get rough and dirty, and they're self-sufficient.

    Things I Dislike:

    Very closed-minded, (you mentioned this) but they're usually racist, homophobes, and sexist; most of the ones from my town dip/smoke cigarettes, and basically dislike anyone that isn't like them.

    Overall, I appreciate country boys. They have a lot of great qualities, but I left the country and went to a huge college in the city to escape the very closed-minded thinking. I've never had a problem having friends or dating outside my race, and I have many gay friends as well. So being around that kind of thinking began to suffocate me. I really love the country boys though that don't have such narrow minded opinions.


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  • um I normally like good old Country boys for the simple fact They do what they say they are gonna do.

    What I don;t like Is most of them will grow up and take over thier parents farm.

    or that's the case around here.

    Its like they enjoy the simplest things in life too.

  • the non racist country boys are a lot better, well generally anything non racist is a lot better. I haven't dated a country boy yet but I Guess he'd be nicer or I'd just treat him like any other guy I've dated.

  • I don't care for them that much (to want to be with one)...but I have nothing against them either.

  • I don't know. You can't just say ALL country boys are one thing, like ALL country boys are hillbillies or ALL country boys are southern gentlemen. Boys are boys. It doesn't matter what adjective you put in front of it. Everyones different.

  • They have pride and are gentlemen. I don't like that sometimes they aren't adventuress with traveling and trying new things.

    Then again, I'm a Texas girl.

    So the accent is a little lost to me.

  • I like southern boys(non-racist) haha.I'm from Texas,consider us both the "south" and "southwest" but I love the southern boys:-) Real gentlemen.

    Not all of them are country,but I like country boys.OH,this reminds me.My school is very diverse,and by diverse I mean,blacks,Hispanics,Asians and a few white people.Well,there's this "Ag" hallway no one really knew about or no one really knows about.Well,I went down there and "HALLELUJAH" there were some redneck country boys who are FINE as hell:-)They are hot,I was like where the hell have they been these whole 2 years?!?

    I don't like the racist ones,or kissin cousins types...

    They tend to be very traditional,mama's boys(which is good to an extent) and gentlemen.

  • For some reason, at my school, all the country people are VERY perverted... o.O I mean, sure, me and my friends can be perverted...but the county kids can do laps around us. o.O

    Altho, I do know a few country boys that are out of school that are VERY hot..even tho they're still perverted its not in the sick kind of way. xD

    • Perversion is by nature sick and twisted.

    • Maybe so, but some can be flirty and stuff while others can just be gross.. lol

    • There's a difference between being perverted and being sensual.

  • There is definitely a LARGE population of country boys that I am not a fan of. It's the good ole boys with the super sweet manners and the natural laid back attitudes they have. I love country boys because I'm into a lot of the same things. I love to go fishin, drive my truck, work on the farm, get dirty, and go to the rodeos. I love their sweet accents and the hard workin farm boys.

    I don't like the racist ones, ones with cocky attitudes, dippin, smokin, beer drinkingl, cussin, and narrow-minded guys but that includes those who arn't country boys too.

  • Every one is rasist at one point or another. And they are hard working have respect know how to treat a lady and where I'm from that's the only thing we got

  • I'd say it's cause they've grown up more old fashioned. They respect their girlfriend and just keep moving no matter what. They are chivilarious and sweet. They know when to get their work done and when to relax. Basically, they are kind and reliable.

  • Are we talking real country boys or fictitious cowboys from romance novels or movies? Okay just kidding, sort of.

    That being said, it's pretty hard to put an entire group of people into a single category to...decipher good/bad qualities but I'll give it my best shot. :)

    Most of the country boys I've known had a certain air about them. An attitude in the way they held themselves--confidence if you will, no matter what it was they were about to do. Confidence is sexy to most women, probably some sort of voodoo thing our subconscious does from back when genetics were important to survival.

    Change seems to happen more slowly in the county so that might be why all country boys haven't lost their chivalry yet which also wins points with women.

    Any negatives I've seen stem from that whole slow-to-change country scenario, or from just being a guy in general. All in all it's like any other thing, is the good worth the bad.

  • Most girls love country boys, why? because they treat girls with so much respect for girl and are very nice and fun to be and hang around with. I don't think there is anything I don't like about a country boys

  • Personally I wish I could find a nice guy that was country! !

  • well for me its the way they talk or look at you also that there not afraid to get dirty and how they treat you like the only girl in the world

  • country boys. hmmm...i like that they try to keep their word. and that they have old fashioned manners. and if they have a subtle accent, that is adorable.

    the cowboys on the amazing race were really cute. haha. they are the type of country boys I like.

  • People are answering based on stereotypes...

  • lol, the American 'country boy' and the Australian 'country boy' are probably very different :P

    for example aussie country boys are likely to bring a kangaroo in to show and tell, and what I like about aussie country boys is the motorbikes and the fearlessness :D

    like a beach bum but better :PP

    as for the American 'county boy' I know nothing other than that southern drawl so I can't help ya!

  • I always had a thing for country boys, I don't know why. I guess it's the fact that they come from smaller communities, where people are more connected. I guess there's some kind of honesty about them, and good work ethics too, as someone else mentioned.

    Can you answer my question - how much time passed when you asked for your question to be featured till the time you actually saw it posted? Thanks


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  • I thought most women didn't like you country dudes because you only last 8 seconds

    • I don't were you got that idea from and by the way who shoved the stick up your a*s

    • ...and I also heard that you country dudes don't have the intelligence to decipher sarcasm.

    • Ok sorry man it's hard to find sarcasm on the Internet :/

  • I don't dislike country boys in particular.