Why do men stop talking to women all of a sudden?

I've read many of people's questions..and mostly there about girls saying that their crush just stopped talking to them for no type of reason..So guys, why is it that you stop talking to girls..what's the real reason


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  • Ive done that for a lot of reasons:

    1. I lost interest in the girl

    2. I discovered some dirty little secrets

    3. I found interest in another girl

    4. I became very disgusted by her

    mainly just turn offs...


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  • Could be several reasons, but the most common one is, hands down, because the guy realizes that this girl isn't going to sleep with him.

    Most guys these days only approach girls with the hopes that the girl will eventually sleep with him. Of course, this doesn't always happen, but because this is the only reason he even started talking to the girl, if after a few days he gets the feeling that this girl isn't going to waste her time witha scumbag like him, he'll stop talking to the girl.

    It's not called "losing interest", because the interest was never there to begin with. The only thing a lot of guys want, is sex. So it doesn't matter if the girl is clingy, boring, annoying, interesting, funny, smart, or whatever. The only thing that matters is if the girl sleeps with the guy or not.

    And this is why, when the girl then asks him why he stopped talking to her, he doesn't tell her. Because he doesn't want to admit that it's because the only thing he was after, was sex.

    Because if we really care about someone, we don't just stop talking to them. We TELL them! If she's clingy, then we tell her we need some space. If she's boring, then we MAKE her interesting! If she's annoying, then we tell her how her actions are affecting other people. Unless she's dumb, and doesn't understand that we're trying to help her, we're not gonna just give up and stop.

    But like I said, not all guys are like that. Some guys are just after sex. Good luck trying to find someone who actually cares enough about you that he will stay with you even if you don't have sex with him immediately. Because it's come to my attention that girls aren't attracted to guys like that. =)

    • Thanks that was a lot of good info..never thought of it like that thanks!

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    • This sounds like me when I was 16...

    • What other things would a girl have to offer, though? I mean, that guys would normally want before even getting to know the girl?

  • I stopped talking to this girl because it seemed like she didn't feel like talking and was very plain in conversation. Sort of a waste of time talking to a girl like this.

    • True, sometimes I wonder if I was ever like that when I talked to someone

    • Yeah I mean you don't have to be crazy exciting in every conversation. Just show that you're interested and into it. Keep it going and I'm cool with you ya know?

  • I stopped talking to a girl I work with and have known for over 3 years, it's a long and incredibly dramatic story so in short-she plays so many mind games, she often says and does things that hurt me and I don't understand why, she is a really poor communicator, she talks about me to other people and yet I haven't contacted her or spoken to her in almost a month and lately she always seems to be around in fact just the other day she came over with another coworker to my desk and looked at me and then looked down at the ground.

    This can be fixed if SHE comes and talks to me, I am always the one 'fixing' things between us... even though we are "Friends" but I can't take the drama anymore and I can't see us being Friends again, I just want her to be honest with me.

  • Because she doesn't seem like she wants to talk to me...

    • Yessir. It really is a buzzkill when this happens. Whether she actually likes you or not it really turns me away from conversation.

  • I would not stop talking to my girlfriend unless I recognize any sign of cheating.

  • because you bit his tongue off?

    • Lol wow that was a good one!!

  • i did it to 2 girls... no reason... should've not done it :(

    • Is it because you were probly to bissy

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  • Because many girls are boring after a while and become clingy and go way over their head and expect the boy to be crazily in love with them after a week and be at their feet.

    I'm a girl myself, but girls can be so ridiculously thick when it comes to guys.

    • Wrong. It's not the girl's fault. Remember, people are only as boring as you let them be. If a guy thinks the girl is being boring and/or clingy, but then does nothing about it, then the guys is just as much to blame. It's not that hard to deal with clingy girls. All you have to do is show them that you care. And as for boring girls, like I said - if someone's being boring, but you're not making ANY effort to try and be interesting, then you have no right to blame them.

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    • TimeAndTimeAgain you do have a point about the boring part...but maybe guys don't see it but I know that many of the girls try there best to get the boy interested as possible..because there has been many situations where I tried my best not to be boring but they just say OK or I don't know the whole time..so its like what I do wrong..

    • Yes but girls are stuck. They are either too boring, or too easy. So its got to be somewhere in the middle, so hard to please them.

  • Some men are just sport fishing not looking for keepers, they get the fish then throw it right back into the water and on to the next one, they are not looking for a commitment or any thing long term. Or it could be that they don't see you in there future, your not there ideal match.

  • lost interest, got bored, or already got what they wanted from her (sex, money, help etc) or he found some one new... or maybe busy to care or don't care at all anymore or maybe the girl offended him or he's mad at her or waiting for her to break the ice