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Insecurity in friendships and significant relationships.

Hello there. Well, I recently have realized that I have a serious problem with being very insecure in my friendships and relationships. I am... Show More

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  • Thinking and overanaylsisng is bad, its a form of nerosis...get some professional help if you think its a real issue for you with relationships.

  • Im the same exact way as you. I don't really have much advice cause I still struggle with it. You just have to really try and trust what people say and a lot on what they do to prove they care about you be it as a friend or a partner. You have to have faith and confidence in yourself,not base who you are on what someone else thinks. otherwise you'll smother and always be looking for that validation from someone else. Try doin the opposite of what you normally would. Its not easy changing how you think and feel esp when youve been doing it most of your life. You just have to try and all you can do is be a little better each time.

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