Insecurity in friendships and significant relationships.

Hello there.

Well, I recently have realized that I have a serious problem with being very insecure in my friendships and relationships. I am constantly worrying that the person is mad at me, or doesn't like me, or that I've done something wrong.

I don't know why this is, but it just happens. Usually after about a month or so when I feel everything is going great...then the insecurity sets in, I start thinking these thoughts, and then the constant worrying begins. It's very hard for me to function when I'm thinking about how the relationship is going.

And when this happens, I tend to get desperate and end up harming the relationship. I notice this when the thoughts begin, and I try to stop, but it's just really hard!

Does anybody else have trouble with this? If so, what advice can you give me? I would really like to overcome this issue. :(