Everyone says I am pretty.. then why don't boys ask me out?

Everyone has mentioned that I am very beautiful.. but I am also a scholar and I am also a athlete.. I am very out-going.. but after all these components why don't boys ask me out?


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  • Maybe their lying to build your self esteem sweetheart, or you really are beautiful, but you don't believe t yourself and in spite of being outgoing, guys might think because of your attitude that you aren't that pretty

  • Maybe your bad at showing your interested? I typically never make a move unless I'm sure they're some chance of success. Maybe your not really emitting single vibes lol. perhaps you should make the first move.


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  • If you are as beautiful and accomplished as you say, it maybe because the guys think you're not approachable or not going to be interested in them. You need to start smiling a lot more and seem friendly, simple and easy to approach. Who isn't scared of rejection? I had a friend who was in a very similar situation, and then she just relaxed and became more friendly and easy to talk to and guys automatically started volunteering their numbers to her. It seems like a small thing, but it really makes a difference. Good luck!