How do you tell a friend nicely that she needs to shower more?

My best friend.. like smells.. And I know other people notice it, we're just too nice to say anything. I don't want to hurt her feeling by just saying "Hey, bud, you know, you smell" I can't think of anyway to just politely tell that she should be shower at least every other day... I feel so bad.. and I want to tell her

I'm trying to right now.. It's not going well :(


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  • Definitely make sure she knows you're not doing it to be mean. I really have no idea how you can bring it up but I know if I smelled and needed more showers I'd want someone to tell me. If she can't accept that you're just being a good friend, tell her that you'd feel good if someone told you and that you'd want her to tell you to take more showers. It could also be the household that she lives in. Offer that she can borrow some of your nice smelling body wash because you think it'd work on her or something


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  • Just tell her sometime in private, I'm sure she'd rather have her friend tell her than walk around stinking all day not knowing it.

  • share with her some romance, you know like imaginary story. Tell her that your freind (in some other town/school) had best freind but she does not know bath enough. well you can't say directly but this sort of story should work. You can even target yourself saying "hey my freing gifted so and so perfume, she said I don't take enough bath; do you think she is right.". there is nothing wrong with it.


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  • i wonder why she doesn't shower more you know why?

  • maybe try setting an example.. like 'oh god I need a shower bad' or 'cant wait to get home and hop in the shower' blah blah blah crap like that.. like my boyfriend use to skip brushing his teeth before bed and then turn around and try to have sex with me and oh god it was a turn off.. so I instead of just going and brushing my teeth id tell him I was going to then he'd be like 'oh I need to too' and after a while of that he just does is on his own

  • Give her a shower set as in deodorant, shower gel, lotion, perfume, etc