If a guy asks a girl, "do you still like me?" - does that mean he still likes her?

what does really mean?

ive been ignoring him. yet he still has the guts to talk to me, come to me and chat with me. why?i used to like him aloooooooot but the inconsistency of his actions turns me off. we had a history together so yeah I'm getting over him. he should too.


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  • it maybe that he asks you this question not because he still likes you but to see if you you still like him, and he can use your response to gauge weather he still can get his d*** wet but this may not be because he likes you but because he wants a pieceof meat to shag I know a lot of guys who treat girls like crap and its not right but if he did like you he proberly would be groverling to gfet you back not just askin if you like him:)

    • " but if he did like you he proberly would be groverling to gfet you back not just askin if you like him:) " ---- groverling? pls explain?

    • groverling means begging you and licking your arse to make it upto you lol sorry for my poor spelling

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  • usually when a guy asks a girl if he still likes him, he's trying to make sure that he's investing his time and affection in someone that will give it back whole hartly to him

    so yes he still likes her

    in response to the update, if you really feel he should be over you, then just use the direct aproach and tell him that you are just not into him. if he should ask why, then just tell him. if he tries to change for you however...then you might want to take a second look.

    He could be the person just for you if all you disapproved of was inconsistency, and should he change just for you and you like it, then chances are he was serious from the start. :)

    • I told him the truth today why I'm being a bitch towards him lately because I feel like I'm being used for his benefits only. he said I'm retarded for thinking that way because he doesn't want me to feel used. he said he likes me still and that I like him back. I told him he should like me for me not because of me giving him blowjobs only because I'm not just that. because anyone can give him a blowjob. and he said its not only that G, its you that I want.

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    • Haha, and this is why I shouldn't assume things D:

      but yea, if that's the case, then drop em and move on, IMO, there's no point in a relationship if there's no emotional connection (and I'm personally against fwb, so I'm biased on that one).

      If all it is a physical thing and your not enjoying it, then drop em, and move on. best decision you could possibly make (imo of course)

    • I like him that's why I can't just let go. I told him id give everything if he shares the same emotions and feelings that I have but if not, its better for us to just forget and move on.

  • It could mean quite a few things, actually.

    He might like her.

    He might just want to know if she likes him to boost his ego.

    Her liking him may have been annoying to him, so he's trying to see if he has a reason to stop feeling annoyed or uncomfortable.

    He may want to see if he's got a shot at sleeping with her.

    Regarding all the answers...a lot of them don't even consider all sides to this issue, yet they still present their answer as a certainty, so take them as possibilities, not definite truths.

    • so what's the ultimate sign for her to know that he actually likes her?!

  • Not so fast. On many occasions men and women talk different languages... studies have documented that women communicate much more effectively in non verbal languages and men are not as sensitive to this.

    The question itself indicates that he is picking up the signals of ignoring and the change of feelings, but he has not quite put the math of 1+1+1=3 together yet.

    Don't be a coward and "ignore" him. Just step up to the plate and relay how you feel in a mature and sensible way. Use phrases like "I feel..." "I believe..." and not phrases like "you don't..." or "You can't..."

    Until you are mature enough to speak to him, don't bash the guy because you've left him hanging...

    • What about I think. can guys understand I think ?

      So you mean you don't or you can't to mean don't use negatives or don't put it to him in place of saying your own position, pr do you mean specifically don't say you don't you cant?

    • I mean don't point a verbal finger at him... if your feelings have changed, make certain that is what you are saying.

      Far too often persons blame their partner for the way they feel. It's both immature and inaccurate.

      Be responsible and mature ... tell him that these are your feelings and don't accuse a guy of "making you feel this way because he doesn't/can't/won't..."

      Keep the discussion in first person...

    • lol yea this guy was doing exactly what you said not to. and its terribly confusing. & unnecessary. he could have had a 5 minute conversation by saying I instead of five hours saying I.. but you. I ... you would not. I... you always.. I.. you never..

      btw THINK do they get "I think" ? in your opinion.

  • well... He's asking if you still like him because he likes you...

    Guys are pretty simple.

  • A girl certain won't ask a guy a question like this probably she doesn't like or even love d guy,.so it mean she likes him

  • Yes.

    • But can a guy act like he likes her? if he really doesnt.

    • It's possible, though it's immoral.

    • Ouch. :(

  • yea he does

    and he likes not being able to have you

    so that's prbly it

    but time will get it on

    u can try being clean and saying we should not get back into this

  • Probably, otherwise I wouldn't care to ask her.

  • in most cases yes ! ( only if he was making fun of it : you ll know from the attitude ) :)

    • Attitude? like how? he wasn't joking

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    • Well I used to send him facebook msgs and now not anymore. so he said why not? he's wondering why I haven't because he missed them

    • Soo everything is good !!!! you jst have to work things right ( like they were ) so nothing to b afraid (A) he still likes you (A)

  • he may or may not like her...depends on the way he says it!

    • He asked me online by chat. not in person. because we can't really talk about that at work.

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    • Well that depends on how you behave wid him......i mean no guy would wanna fall in love with a girl and then realize that she doesn't love him back! that's the ~worst~ thing!!......so initially he'll take you lightly but if you both form a good pair he might start loving u.....!

      by the way wht did you reply to him when he asked you "do you still like me?"

    • I said I like him and he's been all over me again ever since

  • I don't know, but I'm scared of girls.

  • Whatever it means in his own personality is what it means. There is no defined answer for that phrase or any logical response. He might be worried or something.

  • well how do you know its true if you haven't asked him and for all you know, one of his friends likes you and wants to hit that lolz

    • Lol. I asked him and he always deny he didn't. but I think its true because his friend actually hit the spot of the story. so yeah he's lying. and now after he saw his friend and me talking more, he actually chasing me now. lmao he jealous?

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    • Naaaaaah lol

    • Look if you wanna get a good guy

      go out with a lot of stupid ones first that well ull be able to tell the difference

      and study them OK don't make ideas in your head about how they are, just look at what you see there well always be a nice side to ever single one of them but ull be able to tell the difference

      but remember there's always some smart good guys out there which is probably what you don't want I'm telling you anyway OK bye take care women

  • if you went out then yes

    • But his friend who also likes me told me he was kissing and telling on me and his friend told me he never had respect for me ever. that hurt alot. and I've been avoiding him more. but he keeps coming to me asking me what's uP? why am I being distant? I think he knows his friend told on him because he's been all over me the whole time. sending me msgs and I haven't been replying. because I got hurt by his betrayal. :(

    • Well did you go out ?

    • Ye we went out. he asked me out.

  • HOVA

  • Yeah, seems like he still likes you. When he asks you that question what is your answer? I hope you tell him no or otherwise you are just playing games and he can't get over you.

    • I didn't say anything back... because I'm having 2nd thoughts with him because he's the one playing all these games. one day ignoring me, one day he's all over me. one day he acts like a jerk. I don't know if he's even into me.

    • Sounds like you are both still interested and should just give it another shot. He's playing games because he's unsure about how you feel since you won't just tell him. So tell him exactly how you feel and you will get your answer from him.

    • Ye we had a talk yesterday and he still likes me he said. and he missed me

  • It usually means that he likes you and is making sure you like him too.

  • it means he is still thinking about you.. about US, about the past time and the future to behold. he wants to start all over again and do it right... that's what men do perfect our flaws in our design to make it right and work... if its unforgiving then leave it be but if it was just a mistake then put that into account. its a choice, yes or no... no MAYBES choose a path and go with the adventure

    • But why isn't he affectionate about it?

  • No and Yes. Yes because maybe he's tryin to go out wid u.. n, No, because he just likes the fact that you are still not over him. Some guys like having women stay in love wid them, even if he doesn't ever want to go out wid her..

    • Yes because he wants to get it on with me? and no because he just wants to keep me for his d*** right?

  • short answer is yes he still likes you. For a more in depth answer ask me on girlsneedstan.com. :)

  • I posted a really good answer to a similar question on my site, girlsneedstan.com. You should check it out. Also, if you have any other questions, I answer all the emails I get from girlsneedstan.com every night. Feel free to ask me for your advice on anything guy related and I'll do my best to let you know what real guys are really thinking, but don't have the balls to say.

    • Well I really need your input here.

  • Look...women...guys are not that deep. There are no hidden messages. We say what we mean. We are not like you. We don't expect you to read our minds.

    He wants to know will you, or are you willing to consider, sleeping with him.

    • So there's the hidden meaning of that question. your last statement just confirmed it for me.

    • how os that direct lol asking her if she likes him because he wants to f*** her.. no that's a game.

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  • well if he said "still" then you have liked him before or ya'll have already dated... it may mean that you seem like you like him and he is curious... depends on how it was said...you need to give more detail... its not like any harm will be done if you give us more to work with... you are already doing it anonymously... ?

    • Lol... I'm actually asking in general. but if you say so, ye we went out, flirted, hooked up but we didn't have a label or were actually together and yea we had those warm fuzzy feelings and butterflies moment. lol. but in general, I think I was the one who fell more than he did. and I noticed he isn't that into me as I am to him so I am pulling away. I ignored him and distanced myself to get over him. that's why he had to ask.

  • Could be.. but some guys just like to mess with girl's head..

  • Yes, my answer is yes because generally a person will want to make sure that your answer matches theirs to avoid the embarrassment of them admitting feelings that you two do not share in. Is this guy an asshole? If so he might just be asking on an ego trip and he does NOT like you.

    • He was a sweet nice guy. WAS. now, I think he is an asshole who's bored and insecured. so he tries to get it with me and honestly I'm done being used

  • it means he wants to know if you like him. genius.

  • yes he's still into her

    • How do I know

    • Becouse he said do you still like me :) 100%

  • hahahaha gruffman2 got it right the question doesn't neccesarily mean he likes you, but it does GAURANTEE that he definitely STILL wants to stick you with his man sword... lol whether he wants anything more than that I'd say probably not because he'd just ask you out or whatever. Seem like he's being straight forward with the course of action and that course is to your drawers... lol I'd say give him a chance to take YOU OUT and don't let him screw you NO MATTER WHAT he says for a few months and see what he does... cances are hell give up and not even ask you out. DONOT ASK HIM OUT! he has to ask you...

  • he still likes you. either that or you keep staring at him a certain way and its freaking him out.

    • Staring at him? lol. I don't even look at him. lol

    • Oh haha

  • I think it all depends on The Situation. No, not the guy from jersey shores -.-. I'm talking about what happen between the two. Such as If they are acquaintances, friends, close friends, lovers, ex's, or still together. Since you don't really provide much information on the situation. I'm going to make some guesses from my/friends experiences. [key: > = no interest]

    acquaintances- If you two just met, and He seems like he is really in to you, then this question might indicate, He knows you liked him at the start but now, Your not giving enough signs to assure him that your indeed still into him as well.

    (Playing hard to get is a powerful strategy and works every time. But play to hard and he'll think your just not that into him.)

    >If you two just met, and He already seems like he's backing off then this question might indicate, He is trying to see if ignoring you and staying away a bit can throw you off a bit or give you a hint. He might just want to be friends.

    Friends- If you guys are friends and things are going wonderful, He is really in to you then maybe by asking "do you still like me?" can mean, He is making sure your on the same page as him.

    >If you guys are friends but the road is kinda bumpy such as you lean closer to him and he kinda slides away a bit , He might not like you in the way you like him, so he might really be asking "Heyy, I like you and all, but as I got to know you more as friend. I would like it to stay this. what about you?".(Friend Ship Zone .Not quite Boyfriend & Girlfriend But still Awesome. If he Asks you this But never really showed a romantic interest in you. But knew you liked him then, That could mean, He likes some one now. But doesn't know if you still like him. After all If he is truly your best closest friend then he would never want to hurt you.(unless it's over the Telly :] lolz)

    Lovers- If you two were or are lovers then perhaps he might have developed feelings for you that you had for him once but he is not sure you still have them.

    >If he seems to be backing away or not "enjoying" it as much, He might mean "we had are heated moments but I'm interested in another now"

    Ex's- He might still like you or got his feelings for you back. >He thinks you still do. He might not like that so he is making sure if you do or not.

    Together- He's probably just kidding around :P (if he's a jokester) >He feels like you lost interest in him.

    Either way be straight forward with him say "_Your answer here Yes or No_, Why? Do you still like me/her?" It's the only way to find out for sure. Communication is Important in Any relationship.

    Good Luck tho

    • We are not dating nor really friends (at least to me I don't think he is a friend but he thinks so) but we are benefiting from each other. lol. he told me he likes me but he noticed lately I've been distant towards him because I feel I'm just that - a booty call. that's why he had to ask me if I still like him and the last time we hooked up, I was cold. if I'm only that to him, why would he bother asking me why I'm acting the way I do?

    • Dejavu lol okay I've been on both ends.. if you like him and he likes you.. but you feel like a booty call and he thinks of you as a friend with benefits then hmm he could be just testing the water with you. Like.. he likes you a lot but not enough to ask you out. that's why it hurt him a bit that your being distant...

      Now, if he's known as a manwhore or player then maybe your making him feel ugly and unattractive with you'r distancing, after all they live off there looks and not what they offer

    • Yea I know it happens a lot eh? lol. we both like each other but he doesn't know that because I never answered his question. he thinks I'm losing interest which is true. yea he is testing the waters and I'm not stupid. well we had it good before but I'm done with him using me as his toy. we already went out before so many times.hes not known to be a manwhore but to me he is.lol.so yeah let him burn because I'm tired of his games.

  • Depends on the situation. If you have been showing signs of still liking him he might want to clear up the situation or he does still likes you and want another chance with you.

  • ive been in this situation myself before. Yes it normally does mean that they still like you, because my exboyfriend asks it me all the time, and I just asked him straight and said 'are you asking me that because you still lke me'' and he said yes but he wanted to know if I liked him still so he didn't feel stupid.

    but if youve got over him, tell him straight and he'll have to move on..

    • Well I still like him as a person but the feelings not really. he keeps on asking me out. and he can see I don't feel giddy as before

  • Not usually, he could be just asking to you know. Some Guys just like to know if someone likes them or not && if you say no, they will flirt with you && stuff until you do start to like them, then they will shut you down, hurt you so bad.

    • I know. some guys are just d***s. grrr lol.

  • I am in a similar situation. The guy and I went out on a date. Everything was gping well until he said some things that dissapointed me, and we ended up staying as friends. He didn't talk to me for a while until recently. He started messaging me , and today he asked me if I still had feelings for him , and even said he noticed that I don't message him as much. What does he want? He confuses me...

  • I think it just depends. He probably still has some feelings for you.

  • he just wants to know if you're still into him. sounds like he likes you cause he wants to know