Boyfriend never takes me anywhere.

My boyfriend and I have been together 6 months, and the only places we been together are to eat and the movies. He never takes me anywhere. I always suggest stuff to do and when we go, I pay. He never suggests anything. Then when I tell him we never go anywhere, he says that I'm always complaining about what he doesn't do. He makes a lot of money but doesn't spend a dime on me. I'm not looking for him to splurge on me just to show me a good time, but he says he's never done that and doesn't know how to... now here I am crying because he is mad at me for saying how I feel. I feel like he doesn't compromise at all, he doesn't even try to change after I bring stuff up to him

Now here it is the weekend and once again we have nothing planned together, I guess its up to me again on where we go and what we do...I love him so much but I'm starting to starve for affection and adventure in this relationship, what should I do?