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Boyfriend never takes me anywhere.

My boyfriend and I have been together 6 months, and the only places we been together are to eat and the movies. He never takes me anywhere. I always... Show More

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  • Why do you expect your boyfriend to pay for you for things? Isn't the relationship enough by its own virtue?

    I mean, you females want things to be equal but when it comes to who pays for things - sure the guy pays for everything. If you want to go somewhere then just go and take your boyfriend with you.

    I am not saying a guy shouldn't sometimes pay for his girl - but if he does it needs to be mutual; sometimes he pays, sometimes the girl pays. Also reminding you, just because you're his girlfriend doesn't mean you naturally have access to his paycheck - had you been married or lived together and agreed on a certain policy that would have been different.


    • I do pay, and I pay alll the time. That's the thing, he doesn't meet me halfway. I'm starting to feel like I'm better off eating alone because I have to pay for two now.... He never offers to pay for the whole thing, its only his half or nothing at all, then I end up footing the whole bill. It makes me feel like he doesn't appreciate me because he doesn't do little things like treat me to a dinner every once in a while.

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  • He says you complain about what he DOESN'T do... what does he do for you?

    Think of all the positive things he's brought to your life, all the things you have now that you wouldn't otherwise.

    I agree he should meet you halfway with paying for stuff. Have you mentioned this to him? Maybe he's trying to save up for something, which is why he doesn't take you places?

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