If a girl lets you sleep in her bed and lets you put her arm around her while she sleeps. Does she like you?

So I went out the other night with this new girl. I don't do casual relationships because I like to get to know people before taking things further which I expressed. I have only seen her a couple times in the past but wasn't really one on one. She put her arm around me from time to time. although, she talked about how she wanted to take me out to meet girls but when the end of the night came. She told me, to stay at her place since I had to get up early. There was a small box on her couch and she said it was to messy to sleep on lol. She then said " lay here, it doesn't have to be awkward or anything. We were talking as we were falling asleep and I put my arm around her. Touched her side and arm mostly. Can't figure out if I should continue pursuing her or move on. When she texts me they are usually longer detailed responses asking more questions, I just don;t want to test her and make her think I am clingy or something. Just want to show interest.

Also, we talked for about 45 min as I had my arm around her. She never moved or pulled away.
Need... more... answers... lol


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  • ermm all I can say is I would never allow a man to have his arm around me while laying down for as long as what you stated or even for 5 Min's. lol I think she could like you it depends on her personality and what she considers appropriate behavior.


    what would she have to do to show she was interested in you more than a friend ? Without being obvious ?


    you said you don't do casual , at what point do you feel that you would like to be in some kind of relationship other than friends