I like him but I'm too shy to talk to him? What should I do?

I've like this guy since last year and I'm shy so my friends told him I'm shy and he introduced himself to me last week. Since then I haven't said hi because I'm afraid tonight at dinner I saw him and he looked at me he expected me to say hi but I didn't...will he still be interested?...what should I do I really like him?


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  • You need to find the reason of your fear, why you think you should be afraid. If you find that reason, you will be able to just accept the situation, and go along with it. There is something about yourself that is hidden, but you are not willing to accept yourself because of it, and believe that he wouldn't accept you either.

    There is an error in your self-esteem. You must fix it.

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      The thing I want to believe it's a game to him because he gorgeous and I'm stereotypically not his type, which is why I'm over analyzing the odds of him really being interested in me.