If a guy can't stop staring at you does it mean he likes you?

I've recently met this guy and we talk, not a lot but we talk. And just today I noticed that everywhere he saw me he would keep staring. I don't know how to interpret this I mean I don't wanna look like a dumb ass and flirt with him when he actually doesn't like me! So guys, what do ya say? Does he... Show More

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  • yeah he fancies you, so go for it, us guys don't tend to stare at girls that were not attracted to.

    • Ah! You don't know how happy that just made me! You honestly just made my night:)

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    • I asked my crush for her number after couple of times chatting to her, I told her I like her she started to smile, asked for her number she kept on saying I don't know were this is going to lead to, repeated it about 4 times, so at that moment thought she not interested. But later found out she had a boyfriend who supposedly is very protective of her. I did asks her if she had boyfriend she said no even though everyone is university knows she has one but his not at our university.. Girls what do

    • What does that mean