Why does he stare and not look away?

There's a guy in my class and every time I'm at my lockers or in class he stares at me. He doesn't smile at me when he stares, but he doesn't look angry either, his face is just relaxed and it looks like he's thinking hard about something. At first I thought he was zoning out and just happened to look my direction but this has been going on for a long time. Just to test him, when I caught him looking, I turned my gaze to the clock and then looked back at him. I saw him looking at the clock then back at me.Also when he stares and I see him looking, he doesn't look away. Do you think he likes me?


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  • Umm you should ask him, if he is zoning out its a difference because if you move his eyes wont. And staring is one sign that a guy likes you but is to shy to say it.

  • He probably thinks you're cute. He's definitely socially awkward.


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