My girlfriend has changed.... how do I get her back?

my girlfriend used to be a great girl who thought everything I did was great and didn't care about what I did really.

now she gets annoyed by anything I do.( for example childhood habits that are harmless like shaking my leg or messing with my sleeves on my shirt) when I do anything like that she gets furious. she also has become extremely jealous and tries to control everything I do. sometimes I miss out on things I enjoy the most because she doesn't think I should do it. All I'm saying is I want my old girlfriend back. Does anyone have suggestions?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Unfortunately this is why the phrase "We grew apart" is so common. People grow and develop over time. Sometimes that happens to be the so apart from their loved one that it's difficult to be in a relationships. You cannot change her. You can only talk to her about it. And if you have done so for a while now then you can either stay with her or you can choose to part ways. Neither of the choices are fun. The newness of your relationship has faded and you are now left with the everyday hum of the relationship. You have got to talk to her about it, let time go by and then make a decision. Good luck. Remember, she's not going to change unless she wants to.