Do guys like country girls?

Do guys like country girls?

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  • Personally I prefer them, but that's because I grew up in the sticks 30-40 miles away from any real store. Don't worry about people making fun of your accent, say ain't and yall with pride. If you can't be proud of where you grew up, what can you be proud of?

    • So true lol I ant to worryed about it just asking yall if you like it lol I'm from texas and I don't got nuthing to worry about ;) thank you 4 the answer

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    • Lol yeah, I couldn't see myself hanging around city folk to much. they just seem to spoon fed lol

    • LOL yep I get lots of city guys asking me out and I always tell them thank you but I alredy got me a cowboy and I'm not a city girl