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Do Guys Like Crazy/Wild Girls, or Calm ?

By crazy/wild I mean type of goofy personality, jokes a lot, and just has a lot of fun all the time.

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  • I like woman who are up for anything. I moved out of my house at 16 to travel .I like spontaneous woman. the calm ones are boring. Basically I'm all about fu. we onlylive once. Anyone up for bungee jumping :D

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  • It all depends what stage in life you're in. When you're 40, what you consider wild and fun, is not going to the same you considered wild and fun when you were 20. So I think being spontaneous and fun is the best, but of course, there are times when you want to be serious, so it all depends; if you had a wild, fun crazy girl all the times, then that can also get boring, strangely enough. :)

  • If I'm with my girl, I'd love her to whisper things into my ears, hugh and kiss me, calm, not be an angry beast. However, I think it depends on everyone's personality.

  • I like wild a fun girls !

  • I do like crazy & wild girls, but it you are wild, do not expect your guy to also act wild. He may just prefer to enjoy watching or listening to you while you act wild!

  • Finally, somebody asks this question. As for the answer, it depends on what guy wer'e talking about. Howver, I am with some friends while we are writing this, and we all agree that crazy/wild is THE BEST! But there are some ways to get snared if yo play it this way. I will list them.

    1. UNCONROLLED CRAZINESS. We prefer that you are wild, but in a refined, in control sort of way. You can still act all hyper, but don't do anything stupid.

    2. You know number 1 was about it. one last piece of advice below.



    • What???!!! lol guys like animal lovers? why......

  • crazy and wild is great during sex and for quiet and unsure guys( ie me) Calm can be a guarantee for long relationship and again fits my personality. personally but that all depends on if you look at "opposites attract" or "birds of a feather" so base irt on the guy

  • I would love to meet a woman whis is sexy and goofy, nuff said

  • I like either, however too calm can be boring and too wild can also be a turn off, balance is prefered but either is alright.

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