Why does my girlfriend snap at me and is rude to me?

So, here's the deal. I have been dating my girlfriend for almost a year and two months, possibly the best year and two months of my life, but lately she has been really mean to me. She makes fun of me for everything, for example when I'm driving she'll make me feel retarded for not taking a specific turn. She tells her friends all of my shortcomings, even when I'm standing right beside her. I know I have made some mistakes in the past, and I have screwed up royally, but she told me she forgave me. But doesn't that mean that she wouldn't keep talking about it? She tries to rationalize it by saying she's only joking, but she doesn't know how crappy it makes me feel. Also, she gets so mad at me. Even if I don't say anything wrong, if something makes her upset, she shuts me out and sometimes yells and swears at me. ( I'm a Christian, and so is she, so that's a huge thing.) I bend over backwards to make her happy, I do everything for her, from driving her everywhere because she hates driving, getting groceries for her, making lunch for her, and doing her homework(we're both in College, so you can imagine the work load.) But if I even mention I can't do something for her or I can't hang out sometimes because of homework, she gets so mad at me. And if I ask her if she can do one small thing for me, her answer is always "maybe." Not like me, where it's always "Absolutely." I'm just so confused. And she barely ever says I love you in person or in text, only "yup, uh huh, or cool." It's like I'm putting my heart on a silver platter, and she smashes it with a hammer. Don't get me wrong, I love her more than words can contain, and my than I can imagine. I would die for her, and I serve her out of pure love, and I never get mad at her, I've never raised my voice at her, and I've never gave her any mean looks. I treat her like gold. Why does it feel so one-sided, and what can I do to make things right? I have no intentions of leaving her. I just want our yolk to be equal again. :( Please help me?

Well, Everything is OK now, because she told me this; That I was right. One of the few times I will ever hear that. :) She apologized for the way she's been treating me, and that she loves me beyond belief because I'm eternally patient with her. :)
The reason why I'm not willing to give up on her, is that she has been thoroughly mistreated in the past. Lets just say when she was little, someone did something to her and she feels worthless now. I vowed to always keep her safe when I learned that.
Ps in no way am I saying I'm perfect. I'm far from it.


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  • Mistake 1: >I bend over backwards to make her happy.

    Mistake 2: >I do everything for her.

    Mistake 3: >I treat her like gold.

    Mistake 4: >I would die for her, and I serve her out of pure love.

    Mistake 5: >I never get mad at her.

    Mistake 6: >I've never raised my voice at her.

    Mistake 7: >I've never gave her any mean looks.

    Diagnosis: You have no balls.

    Cure: Reclaim your manhood and dump this bitch.

    Choice #1 (If you have the balls): Dump her and don't look back.

    Choice #2 (If your too much of a p**** to leave.) Treat her like she treats you. I guarantee you will see a change immediately. Give her some distance. No communication for at least a week. No emails, texting, phone calls, hanging out, no nothing for a least a week. Every time she acts up this is what you need to do. For every time you have to do this add an additional week of not talking to her. If you ever get to 3 weeks that's it. Game over. She out. For good.

    You have no respect for yourself and that should come before your love for anyone. You also have very...very...low self-esteem. Love is not enough of a reason to take abuse from anyone. You have to establish some ground rules for how much crap your willing to put up with. This girl has no respect for you at all. She puts you down in front of her friends. This girl is in college? She acts like an ungrateful 5 year old brat. You need to learn to say no. Say no! It's easy trust me. Just tell her no. No to driving her places, doing her homework, cooking meals for her. Just tell her no. You reward someone when they've earn it. Your too nice guy. Way too nice. If you continue to stay with this girl she will drain the life out of you. I hope your not planning on marrying this bitch because her behavior will only get much worse after marriage. If she isn't willing to change now she won't do it with a ring on her finger either. You can't make anyone change they have to want to change themselves.You have to learn to be alone. But your afraid to leave her because you feel that you can't do better than this bitch. Are you sure your a Christian. A true Christian can smell evil a mile away and that is what this bitch is, pure evil. "I have no intentions of leaving her." That's really pathetic. You are so weak. You know what you have to do. You said it yourself. Your a punching bag for this bitch. I don't care what problems she may have with her mother or any other problems she might have. NOT YOUR PROBLEM. Your not here to be her therapist. This is what happens to guys who want to play hero. "That's the thing though. She hasn't lost interest in me. And I know she still does love me, she tells me she does." > I don't give a damn what she says. Anyone can say I love you. I would rather someone show me they love me than say it. I strongly recommend choice one. GET OUT! If you still insist on staying then try choice two. You will see results.

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      OmG! YOU are my HERO! Tell him like it is and set him straight! Enough is enough!

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      chibe - are you a guy with a big ego..?


      No. Just big balls.

      you sound like one of those people who can't accept anyone's answers but their own and never know when is a good time to shutup and stop arguing.


      First of all I don't have to shut up and second of all I'm not arguing I'm merely replying to the comments that others leave.

      ie if you were working on a group project in college, youd shoot down everyone elses ideas and act like you are god.



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      so are you?


      I never said I was.

      (not trying to be mean, just curious after reading/analyzing the comments)


      Sure you are. You think I have a big ego and that I should just shut up and accept what others say. No I will not. Not only do you assume that I have a big ego but that I would also violent and uncooperative with others. I don't shoot down others ideas I just respond to them like I'm doing with yours. I post my thoughts and back them up. What is wrong with that?