What does it mean if a girl ignores you?

I started at this place to study, there's a female member of staff (yea she's kinder good looking) never looks at me or talks to me, yet I talk to everyone else and they talk to me, when I need help she never comes over someone else does yet she goes to other older males to help the but not me!.

I really don't get it, I've done nothing to her I don't even know her!, all the other staff like me and I'm a friendly nice bloke. Very strange, anything you girls know?.

When I'm studying she will be loud sometimes wth her collegue, I really am chuffed, I just feel like asking her what's her problem is.

Well I was walking toward her today and she looked at me and looked kind of nerveous/uncomfortable so I smiled :).


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  • i think she likes you in a way but just doesn't want to make it obvious. I remember doing the same exact thing with a boy I had a crush on

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      she does not like him

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      this is not your matter you f***