What does it mean if a girl ignores you?

I started at this place to study, there's a female member of staff (yea she's kinder good looking) never looks at me or talks to me, yet I talk to everyone else and they talk to me, when I need help she never comes over someone else does yet she goes to other older males to help the but not me!.

I really don't get it, I've done nothing to her I don't even know her!, all the other staff like me and I'm a friendly nice bloke. Very strange, anything you girls know?.

When I'm studying she will be loud sometimes wth her collegue, I really am chuffed, I just feel like asking her what's her problem is.

Well I was walking toward her today and she looked at me and looked kind of nerveous/uncomfortable so I smiled :).


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  • i think she likes you in a way but just doesn't want to make it obvious. I remember doing the same exact thing with a boy I had a crush on


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  • definately a crush, you should approach her for help if you like her or else both of you are going nowhere.

  • She has a crush :)

  • If she ignores you she most likely doesn't like you in "that" way, sorry.

  • Ya when I like a guy I get extremely shy to the point where I can be perceived as standoffish. Just kill her with kindness, see if she shows interest. Life's too short to worry about things like that.

  • good what happend keep us informed lol

  • lol she likes you but maybe a tabu for her she's doing the right thing so if you like her just say a little hello and smile to her if not sure send he a note lol she needs the push so you need to let her know you like her and would speak to her a little help if she's strugling with it same way

  • I think she likes you!:)

  • she does not like you but don't worry she is not the only girl in the world you will find other girl

  • I did the same thing to a guy once, because I felt like if I look at him he'd know I like him and I was embaresed. I donno why I did it. I just couldn't look at him. I was talking to every one but him. looking at every one but him. she might like you or she might hate your guts for no reason

  • Maybe, she is creeped-out by you...if you have ever stared at her or said anything about her that may be why.

    • Nope never started at her or spoken about her to anyone!.

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  • Either she is nervous or uninterested

  • Don't worry about it, if she has a problem then it's hers to solve. If your asking because you're into her, and I'm guessing you are because other wise you wouldn't care, then you gotta be the man and make the first approach. If she continues to ignore you after you try to talk to her then move on and don't look back. If she does respond to you then she was probably just waiting for you man up and take the first step.

    • agree...men lead. You wait too long your done.

    • Yeah this is good I user to wait for th? perfect moment and when it never happened I was left wondering. You gotta take th? first step.

  • There are two possibilities:

    1) She likes you but doesn't want to make it obvious as it could make the atmosphere awkward and she might fear you do not like her and she will get embarrassed. So she tries to play it cool by ignoring to see how you react. it has worked as you are here on this website posting a question ; )

    2) She senses you are into her and is keeping her distance.

  • maybe you stare at her and it creeps her out.

    i remember at the fast food place I work at this really hot girl came in. I didn't realize this til later but I stared far too long as she was coming in, like it was obvious. I'm pretty sure she got offended and thought I was a creep because the whole time I served her she didn't make any eye contact and was really stand offish.

    a week later she came back in and as she came I didn't pay her attention, then while serving her I acted like she was just another customer and I wasn't interested in her (I do this with all girls now, works wonders). that time around she acted normal and was even nice to me.

    so I think maybe you're just staring at this girl a lot or something (I mean you notice her avoiding you after all this time so you HAVE to be looking/paying attention) and it weirds her out. you should just start avoiding her like how she avoids you

    • I don't stare at her though, I only glance when she's not looking like back turned I am smart like that, I do what you do and act as if I don't fancy them and treat them like every other girl.Maybe she's bitter I don't fall at her knees?.

    • like I said just keep ignoring her...or you can even just walk up to her at some point and start a conversation to see what happens lol. often when people are attracted to each other they ignore each other. either way just be natural and not scared, as well as reasonable, normal person and she won't get creeped

    • Ok thanks, seems good to me!.