I am tired of chasing girls and trying to find a girlfriend -is there anything I can do?

I only find girls that play games and humiliate you, really desperate and clingy girls or taken girls. Its so frustrating is there anything I can do?.


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  • I think generally its hard to find a match because not everyone is the same. Some aren't interested, some are more clingy, and yes, people with a good balanced personality are usually taken. Not to fear, you just have to get the right person at the right time. Its the same for both men and women so we kind of know what you are going through


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  • Where have you been looking? You should take up some classes and get yourself involed in school clubs and make some new friends in classes. Good girls usually don't get involved in bad activities. But, still..don't go actively searching for one!

  • Don't go searching, find your own interests, get involved in other things and eventually you will meet someone. You can't rush it.

    • That doesn't make sense because girls never approach guys. How am I going to find a girlfriend if I never get approached?.

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    • same here, 1 year single because of that, I got involved in dancing courses etc. Girls very rare approach guys.

    • he's right you know, a girl will not initiate conversation, or pretty much anything with a guy

  • Find a friend, let a relationship grow rather than just trying to make it pop up.

  • You're going after the wrong types of girls. Try approaching girls somewhere other than where you normally do

    • This is at school, though this is not in bards or parties.

  • You can take it easy and meet some female friends

  • i think its not working out for you because you have too many high expectations, you shouldn't have expectations at all really and just let things flow on their own, like when you meet a girl stop trying to analyze her thinking is she your girlfriend material or not, don't rule her out or give her a score, what if she doesn't even see you in that way or has a boyfriend already, what if she's just trying to be your friend, just try to be friends with girls and get to know them as a person, no one gets a girlfriend/bf overnight...things happen when you LEAST expect it, when its meant to be...

    dont categorize girls or follow stereotypes, treat everyone as an individual, everyones different and unique once you get to know them.

    youre rushing into things and making quick judgments, the day you stop doing that and are open minded about meeting not just girls but people in general, getting to know them as a person without expecting anything in return, you just might meet your dreamgirl.

    • Damn.

      Good answer.

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    • hmmm who says that I categorized girls or judge them, see what you are doing here?. You are telling me not to judge girls or categorized. Yet you obviously just did that to me. Stop being so judgmental.

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  • don't judge them before friendly...and nothing much as you know how to get girl!


  • there's nothing you can do, you spend you entire life building confidence, trying to live better, to be a better man, and all you end up with are the leftovers of the jerks :))

    that's life

  • unfortuneately the vast majority of girls do not initiate or ask guys out, so sadly you have to adapt to the harsh conditions