Why do girls blow off good guys?

it seems like girls always just wanna be friends with the good guys, but anything more and they'd rather die than go on a date with them :(

then they go for the bad boy that barely pays a lick of attention to them accept for when he can get a little bit of action. why are girls like this? and its like half the time the guy drinks a lot or smokes or does drugs and I just wonder how in the world that is attractive?! :/ I would never go for a girl that did that, I want a put-together girl that is really pretty and nice, so what's wrong with a good looking guy that is put-together and nice and actually has some class and is willing to let his guard down all on his own for the girl he really wants to be with? I don't care if it makes me look weak or desperate, its what having feelings for someone is all about. so why are good guys never appreciated if its what a girl says she wants?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I understand where you are coming from. Why girls are attracted to bad boys? If you are referring to the 18 to 24 age group in general, mostly because girls find them exciting and wanted to give them a go, but more often eventually realizes that if the boys continue being bad, it's just not gonna do them any good when they come to a point of wanting to get into a serious relationship and perhaps eventually leave them.

    It's absolutely not weak of you to think or to feel the way you've written down your thoughts and feelings here with regards to this matter. In fact, I respect you for setting appropriate bars and standards for yourself in terms of pursuing a relationship with a girl. Sometimes the situation that you've described can turn out to be a good thing after all because this self-filters the girls who are probably not worthy of a good and nice guy like you! And sometimes it may seem like forever to get someone to be attracted to you, but rest assure if you are the good bloke as you've described, eventually one day you'll meet a nice, matured, great girl and have a steady and serious relationship with her. It takes patience but it's worth the wait. Meanwhile, channel your focus, time, energy and effort into good and healthy stuff/activities whilst being single. Remember, no matter how good a girl is, everyone has their flaws :)