Why do so many women like to get tattoos?

Why would you or wouldn't you get a tattoo?

If you do have a tattoo why did you get it?


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  • I would never get a tattoo. I just don't think I need to modify my body that way to make it look cool or anything. I think some people just think it looks cool on them to have tattoos but I don't think I need a tattoo to look cool. I'm already cool.

    • there's A LOT more to tattoo's then just looking cool. It's art and is comparable to piccasso, vangoe, devincci and other artist who's meaning is portrayed in the art they create.

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  • i wouldn't get a tattoo. personally I think they look trashy on girls. when I think of what a woman's body is suppose to look like. I picture it to be pure and clean. and getting tattoos just defeats the purpose.

  • I have no problem with them. I like them :) but I wouldn't get one.

  • depends on the person, some get them because they think they look good, others get them as a symbol/tribute to something that's important to them. some don't look too bad, I don't like sleeves on women or just really ugly tatts. my friend go her daughters name tattooed on her shoulder and it doesn't look bad.

  • Because it's cool or because they think its cool.

  • idont like tats on anyone.. they're trashy lookin. I don't know y people get em 'there a form of art' is what my fiance says

  • Because it's a form of body art. I have two tattoos because I wanted them.


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