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What does "I care for you" mean?

What does it mean if a man tells you, "I care for you"? Does he sees me as his sister? A close friend? Does it mean more...Guys, why would you use... Show More

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  • Ask him! If you want to know what he meant, you're going to have to have a conversation about it with him. Be prepared to tell him specifically how you feel if you broach the subject.(there is no such thing as secret guy code)

What Guys Said 3

  • I guess he is a promiscuous chicken, don't fall for that.

  • It can mean a lot of things. If he's shy it means he has a crush on you. If he was using it to reject your advances, it means he just wants to be friends.

    • i don't pick up any shyness from him But also he didn't say it in response to anythin I did or said. He also sometimes say, "You are dear to me"... It sounds platonic or sister love... I just want to know if it is secret guy code for you are only a friend.

What Girls Said 3

  • I'm not sure if it means as a sister or as someone he really likes, but one thing is for sure; you are definitely not just another girl to him and he won't treat you as a HPOA

    • What does HPOA stand for? Thank you for your post :)

    • hot piece of arse haha

    • LOL!

  • Ok I know I'm not a guy BUT, if he says he cares for you it means he cares about your feelings. In other words "I like you but I don't wanna get with you." Not trying to sounds harsh but I think its important not to look too far into things. For your own sake...good luck, doll! :)

    • Thank you Glamgoddess, The situation is so confusing because he does drop hints now & then that he has deeper feelings but then he withdraws & goes cold. I generally align myself to how the guy feels as to "not get hurt" but when he's so confused it makes me a roller coaster lol!

  • i care for you (definition): I care for you