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Guys, do you find girls wearing tights/pantyhose hot?

A male friend of my suggested me to wear tights with my outfit for some birthday party, he said it "makes me look much hotter" O.o Does it really... Show More

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What Guys Said 11

  • I think pantyhose look really hot on a girl, but mostly if I would have been attracted to her anyway. Pantyhose don't make an ugly girl good looking.

  • Yes he's right I find them very sexy.

  • I like black pantyhose paired with a professional looking dress or outfit. Very sexy IMO.

  • Yeah he's right, bare legs are nice sometimes, but so are tights.

  • It depends on the guy, pantyhose is a fetish that many men like myself, can't help but be incredibly attracted to. More than likely your male friend is projecting what he would like to see on to you. For me personally, I'm not attracted to anything but... so does it really make that much of a difference? Yes.

  • This may be weird but it i love girls in pantyhose. It makes them seam some what mysterious why also being classy. Not saying you aren't awesome if you don't wear tights.

  • I think they are sexy as hell. Sometimes I notice a girl with bare legs. I ALWAYS notice a girl wearing tights or pantyhose, especially black ones. There are other nice things about them, but I'm not sure that is appropriate for this site.

  • It does and doesn't Like I love that look specially like if it's match with a skirt or something cause it makes the outfit look less slutyOn he other hand putting tights on a ugly girl isn't going to make her a supermodel

  • Yes. Yes, yes, and yes. To me :) I've asked others, and have gotten mixed responses. I'd say about 50% really enjoy it, another 25% sometimes enjoy it. 95% generally notice it.

  • dont wear it with a skirt or dress. I HATE that, unless its cold...i wanna see your legs if you wear a skirt. that's the purpose of a skirt/dress

What Girls Said 4

  • This is funny, because these days, the bare leg look is so "in" right now, and almost no one wears much hosiery ,excpt maybe tights,during winter months, or pantyhose for some type of business meeting, and it usually is the GUYS that enjoy seeing women wear them. However, that being said, that's where me and the rest of the gals part company, I guess.I happen to a sort of hosiery nut, and enjoy the way they feel and look on my legs, making everything look more finished and put together. The only time that I may opt out would be during some sweltering hot days during the summer.Even then, I may go with some thigh-hi stockings.Otherwise, I tend to live in dresses,skirts,high heels and hosiery. For the record, I do have a nice figure and do get numerous compliments on my legs.Sweetie, wear whatever makes you feel more atractive and confident, and don't worry about other people, you'll be fine.

    • why can't all women think like you.

    • Awwww,thanks.You're very sweet.

  • Some girls should never wear tights.It isn't gonna make a girl go from unattractive to attractive,key word was "much"

  • i think black ones are look, but not anything else

  • Tights and pantyhose can conceal cellulite and marks on your legs making them look more streamlined. And pantyhose make your legs look tanner. So I guess I can see why your guy friend said that.

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