GUYS: what do you think about a girl that stares at you?

There's this guy in class, and I've been staring at him a lot. But I don't like him like that! I mean although he's very cute, I'm not interesting in him. It's just that he sits by the windows, which is where I like to stare out and sometimes I space out too much and end up staring at him. This time he looked back at me and I ended up looking away really fast (suspicious much?) I'm not sure, but I think he gave me a weird look. Urgh I hope this doesn't make me seem like a creeper!


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  • A creeper for looking at a guy? No way. It's completely normal to focus on something or someone for daydreaming. It would be the same assertion as if you thought you were weird for looking out of the window. At most the guy will wonder "Is she interested in me?" any weird look would have been of pondering or just confusion. Relax girlie it's all good.


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  • I did the same exact thing to a girl in middle school and the rumor spread that I liked her and she gave me nasty looks. I just wanted to look out the window :/

    • awww I'm sorry! I hope it didn't traumatize you. lol, my friend told me later that he was bragging to his friends about this cute girl that was staring at him all the time! he thinks I'm a stalker, but I'm cute ;)

  • Well that would be my first thought, followed by does she like me?

  • Lol I do the exact same thing!

    Don't feel bad.

    Just say you were day dreaming and your eyes wandered to him.

    Your not a creeper trust me...Also this is why I look at the ground when I space out...To avoid awkward things like that.

  • I would think: "What the hell are you staring at?", then: "Does she like me?"


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