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What does it mean if a guy is being really distant with you? And if he is being moody?

Me and my "friend" really like each other, but lately he's been more distant, moody, and a little less flirtatious. What does this mean?

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  • guy don't understand "friends" it she either likes you or your a friend no inbetween. I am in a situation right now where she sees me in between the two and it basically a 24/7 mindf*** because she goes hot and cold. If I am flirting less I am either losing interest or think she is same with moody and being distant

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  • maybe he's over it. maybe he's found somone new. Maybe he's frustrated about something. Who know's. why don't you just casually bring it up one day

  • it could mean he wants some space.. and maybe to try being just friends .. not "friends" for a bit...

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