Woman have a high ego?

Hey guys what your thoughts of the questions above? My own are sometimes confused with the woman ego.(like my ex) sometimes woman like to be persuaded, sometimes not. And women are emotional? The way to get her back is by having her heart change her mind. But I don't know how.. Help..


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  • Women are human, so when it comes to getting them back, its the same as getting a man back. All you have to do is cut all contact with them and start moving on. Once they see that you are moving on and enjoying life without them they won't want to lose you.


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  • YES! Women have higher egos then men most of the time. Let me put it this way. Women feel they deserve everything the world has to offer just because they are women. For guys when they think they deserve something it's not because they are guys. It's a double standard. Women want to be chased, admired, want attention, trusted for no reason, respected without earning it. When a man wants these examples they are called egotistical maniacs. As far as persuasion, it really depends. Many Women will say they want one thing and then choose the opposite. Women leave guys that treat them right when they ask for a guy that will treat them right. Women most of the time have problems with attractive women calling them sluts, easy, whores and so on just because of jealousy. Women want equality, but if something logic is at an equal standpoint that is not in the woman's favor she will have a big problem with it. Lets look at the dating world for example. In a woman's eyes, guys are SUPPOSED to take a girl out, pay for everything, and treat her like a princess when we don't even know her that well. However if it's the other way around, if men say that there are things that women are supposed to do, women throw a fit. In order to counter their egos, you have to do the opposite of what society says or demands. If a woman wants to be treated good, treat her like crap. If she says she wants a nice guy, be mean. Honestly, how many nice guys are out there, MANY. Do they get the girls? NO, because it's too easy, and their EGOS get satisfied without even trying. Stop putting them on pedestals just because they are women. Respect is earned not just given. The BASIC qualities of men are taken advantage of all the time. Chasing your ex won't do any good since she knows how you feel about her already. Moving on with your life is the best thing you can do. Women expect the apologizing, the gifts, taking them out, giving them compliments. STOP doing those things. The better you treat a woman, the more than likely she is going to leave you. Her heart will not change because she has already put you in a category. HUMANS are emotional about things they care about, want to keep, and want to protect so it's not just women. You must become the alpha male in order to be respected by women so they won't walk all over you. You must play the game to win, not to just get by.