Why is my girlfriend so lazy?

I've been dating my girlfriend for 3 and a half years now, we moved in together last February. She does not clean up after herself, she does not do her chores (which are split pretty fairly considering I also take care of any financial issues outside rent/utilities/groceries which we split.) and... Show More

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  • Tell her you want to marry a mature woman who isn't lazy and knows how to keep a house clean. In this way, you're making it about yourself directly and about her indirectly.


    "If *you* don't clean up, *you* should move out!"


    "*I* like it clean, *I* want to be with someone who is clean"

    My boyfriend told me something to the same effect of that. I'm a bit ditzy, not very tidy, and a little lazy when it comes to cleaning up my room. I clean up after myself with no problem in the kitchen I use in the house I live in - we don't live together.

    After he told me that he didn't want to be with a woman who is childish or untidy, it got me to look at myself and realize I did need to grow up and keep my room cleaner. The feeling I got when he praised me for keeping my room clean (at least when he visits ;p ) was just so lovely.

    If she shows no sign of changing in a month after telling her what kind of woman you want to marry, then talk to her about breaking up because she isn't the kind of woman you want to marry. Also, if she wants a man to want to clean up after her and take care of her, then you're not the man she wants to marry either.

    You're also a man and you need respect. No man should be with a woman who doesn't respect him. In the same way, women need love and no woman should be with a man that doesn't love her.