Why do women hate shy men?

My friend says that somen see shy men as weak,unmanly, boring and unattractive worse than most men dislike morbidly obese women. I'm shy around women and refuse to change this.

Why is my friend wrong?

I'm shy so I won't approach women


Most Helpful Girl

  • Not all hate them, I personally Do not like them, I like a guy to be opposite of me I am not shy oruanything, but I like energetic, upbeat guys that have confidence. NOW my sister is opposite of me she is the energetic one lol she finds shy guys adorable and so cute, as long as they of course talk back not too shy. I kind of wish I liked shy guys like her b.c. I get stuck with the players half the time and she goes for the nice cute shy guys. So see, every girl is different