Why do women hate shy men?

My friend says that somen see shy men as weak,unmanly, boring and unattractive worse than most men dislike morbidly obese women. I'm shy around women and refuse to change this.

Why is my friend wrong?

I'm shy so I won't approach women


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  • Not all hate them, I personally Do not like them, I like a guy to be opposite of me I am not shy oruanything, but I like energetic, upbeat guys that have confidence. NOW my sister is opposite of me she is the energetic one lol she finds shy guys adorable and so cute, as long as they of course talk back not too shy. I kind of wish I liked shy guys like her b.c. I get stuck with the players half the time and she goes for the nice cute shy guys. So see, every girl is different


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  • First, that's not true at all.

    Maybe some women don't like shy men but they certainly can't hate them.

    Second, there are plenty of women who love shy men. Even prefer them over the others, like myself.

    I'm personally attracted to them because I think their shyness is adorable. They may not be the easiest to talk to but that presents a bit of a challenge and some women like that. :] But you can only push us so far. It really gets annoying and irrational to even continue liking the guy if you've known him for a few months and barely know anything about him.

    So, yea, I'm sure there is nothing wring with shy guys. Aslong as you're willing to open your shell and let someone in. :]

    Hope I helped somehow. :]

    Good luck! :D

  • I don't hate shy men, but they're definitely not my ideal. I've found that all of the guys I've been attracted to have been confident and positive. I guess I would rather have the ray of sunshine than the wallflower. Not all women are this way, but my family is full of confident men so that's what I'm used to and what I like. I attribute confidence to manliness and find it really attractive.

  • Your friend is dead wrong. There are those of us out there who find shy men the most attractive type out there--they are just hard to get to know or god forbid get them to ask you out.

  • is this friend you speak of a woman or a man? because most women I know find shy guys to be cute.

    mind you, they'll still expect you to make the first move, but they generally find stuttering and nervousness to be endearing (though not to the point where a guy starts getting pit stains in his shirt just from conversing with a chick)

  • Not all women hate shy men. In fact, if we see a shy guy(especially if he's cute), we would love to know more about him, but it's hard to talk & approach anyone who's shy.

    I would disagree with your friend. There are probably more guys turned off by an obese woman than women being turned off by a shy guy.

    • what about guys there so quiet day literally never approach women?

    • most women wouldn't hate them.

    • Hate is a strong word. If they never approach or talk then of course sooner or later we are going to give up any hope and move on. Can't wait forever just because they are shy.

  • i prefer guys who are confident and outgoing. shy guys just blend into the background


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  • Wait I'm not sure about the question(s) you're trying to ask.

    Are you asking if your friend is wrong?


    Are you asking why women hate shy men?

    • I'm mocking his supposition. I'm pretty sure my friend is wrong

  • The only reason why you don't understand this is because you have not seen a genuinely shy girl yet.