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When a girl compares you to her dad?

This girl I like keeps doing it. Like if I laugh at my own jokes and she doesn't she would say "you crack yourself up, just like my dad with his bad... Show More

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  • A girl's dad is the most important man in her life, and she will base what a "good guy" should be off of how her dad acts. Also keep in mind that daddy only wants the very best for his little girl. If you and dad have a lot in common, or are a lot alike, then he will know what to expect from you and be more at east about you dating his daughter. MOST girls will eventually end up with a man who is just like her father :) So, yes, it's not only a good thing, it's a great thing!

  • As long as she is on good terms with her dad you're on the right path! If her dad is an abusive alcoholic womanizer with a gambling problem then it might not be the best comparison...

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