What does it mean when a girl stares at you but doesn't smile?

I was in my uni library today studying with my friend when I realized that a cute girl across the other side of the room was looking at me. When I saw her look at me we both held eye contact for about 3 seconds before she looked away. Then I looked away and continued to talk to my friend. I checked... Show More

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  • It means she has found a frustration of mine and is trying to drive me up the wall. I have that happen every so often- someone will look at me with no expression (just like I do lol) and I will sit and wonder what they were thinking, kicking myself for not saying this or that, or just generally stressing my mind over it.

    You don't realize how lucky you are to actually as much as a girl HOLDING EYE CONTACT, then breaking it, then going back to looking at you. I can't get so much as eye contact. Imagine the frustration you would have if every girl you look at avoids eye contact like it's deadly.

    • Did you ever stop to think that every girl you look at avoids eye contact with you because they are too shy to hold eye contact with such a good looking dude? No homo.

    • I mean, since I was young I've realized (humbly of course) that I'm an alright looking guy, but I'm by no means a "stunner". But yeah, I've thought of that possibility. What I get confused and frustrated with is when girls talk to everybody around them, including attractive guys, and I'm still the one who brings up the awkward moments. But I do realize that it's probably me not being too welcoming.