What does it mean when a girl stares at you but doesn't smile?

I was in my uni library today studying with my friend when I realized that a cute girl across the other side of the room was looking at me. When I saw her look at me we both held eye contact for about 3 seconds before she looked away. Then I looked away and continued to talk to my friend. I checked to see she if she was looking at me again and she was. So again, we both held eye contact before she turned away again and pushed the hair away from her face. Then I looked away and again continued to talk to my friend. I looked up at her for the third time, and again she did the same thing. She held eye contact with me but after about 4 or 5 seconds she looked away again and pushed the hair away from her face. Every time she was looking at me she never smiled once but she held eye contact. In fact, it was more of a dirty look. Not really so much a dirty look but more of a 'not-so-happy' look. Although she was quite far away so I couldn't see exactly what kind of look it was.

So what does it mean if a girl keeps staring at you but does not smile? I didn't go over and talk to her because I was not sure if she wanted me to approach her. Did she just not want to give me the wrong impression?


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  • It means she has found a frustration of mine and is trying to drive me up the wall. I have that happen every so often- someone will look at me with no expression (just like I do lol) and I will sit and wonder what they were thinking, kicking myself for not saying this or that, or just generally stressing my mind over it.

    You don't realize how lucky you are to actually as much as a girl HOLDING EYE CONTACT, then breaking it, then going back to looking at you. I can't get so much as eye contact. Imagine the frustration you would have if every girl you look at avoids eye contact like it's deadly.

    • Did you ever stop to think that every girl you look at avoids eye contact with you because they are too shy to hold eye contact with such a good looking dude? No homo.

    • I mean, since I was young I've realized (humbly of course) that I'm an alright looking guy, but I'm by no means a "stunner". But yeah, I've thought of that possibility. What I get confused and frustrated with is when girls talk to everybody around them, including attractive guys, and I'm still the one who brings up the awkward moments. But I do realize that it's probably me not being too welcoming.

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  • she likes you, she's just a little embarrassed to have been caught. her staring several times indicates interest. I'm kinda like her ha ha but I might have smiled. but she might not smiled because she doesn't wanna creep you out if that makes sense lol

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      There's this 18 year old girl in my college English 102 class who keeps staring at me, and she's already engaged to another man. How I know this, is because she's wearing an engagement ring on her left index finger. Is she not satisfied with the man she's with or something, cause I'm starting to get concerned. I swear she must like me or something. Plus I'm 24, and I'm sure she's aware of that. Please tell me your thought about this, cause I can't seem to figure it out.

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      I meant left ring finger.

  • Sometimes I stare at people because I think they are or are doing something interesting and I just kind of study it. It can be a little creepy. Maybe she was doing the same thing.

  • Shes thinking about you

  • Have you ever thought she was looking PAST you? Or maybe she was gazing into space

    • Well unless she has X-Ray vision I'm guessing she was looking at me seeing as I was sitting next to a wall.

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  • If she's interested in you then do this

    Next time you catch her staring at you do at the library

    Approach her but don't look at her.

    Sit/Stand next to her casually without looking at her

    Whisper in her ear

    "You know when you look at a guy like that you should at least say hi"

    She has to say "Hi" because she was staring at you and you totally caught her

    From there you can start a conversation get her number etc etc

    Its up to you where you take it from there. Its worked for me a couple times and I've met some great people.


  • I'm in a similar situation as well, but I started it. This whole 'staring but not smiling' thing is textbook shy person body language, it applies to both genders. The specific thought going through her head is most likely 'I really wish I could be his girlfriend, but it'll probably never happen...', I almost guarentee that that is the thought. She doesn't smile because for one that second part of the thought (it'll probably never happen...) and two a shy person smiling when they are in a locked gaze with you is like a feat of strength, it's insanely hard. Oh she likes you

  • you probably had some crap on your face or teeth and she was trying not to laugh. jk

  • She's probably mad at you or wants to humilate you. Women occasionally glance at me sometimes too, I look away straight away and ignore them. I assume they are trying to mock me and don't want any part of it. It might not be the case with you, though. It's just a thought.

  • That girl like u than because if she smiled at u than she could of. Been very shy or I thinks she is just showing off that u stare at her I have the experience of girls I have handles 3 girls 2 of. Them R class fellows and I is ma cousin