Why would a man compete against a woman he likes?

Why would a man compete against a woman, when the woman is also the one he is initially trying to impress and attract? A man I know teases,... Show More

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  • Seems the guy is really a good guy and dos not want any rejection from your side. He is bit scared to ask you directly. May be you should ask this face to face

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    • Thanks for answering. He is really a good guy - good friend, good classmate, good son, a real gentleman. Only that I'm taller than him. I can't ask him directly about what's on my mind because I don't know how to react if ever he opens up. (But how I can fall for him if he's always trying to act superior around me? He does not have to prove anything. *Sigh) Sometimes, I feel guilty for distracting his mind.

    • Try to make him jealous , then he will open up :)

    • Jealous isn't the right way to go. Jealous will make him shut down and try to stay away from you until whatever he's jealous of goes away. He's lacking confidence, don't put him in a spot where he feels he isn't wanted.