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What does it mean when a guy days you're a good girl?

I'm seeing this guy and we met his basketball coach at the bar and his coach tells me that the guy I'm talking to is a "good guy" & then right away... Show More

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  • This barely makes any sense (grammatically) I don't know if I red it right but the coach sounds like he's trying to be nice and saying that you two picked good people. Guys only like girls for who they are, the guy or girl shouldn't change in any circumstance.

    • I just re read what I wrote and it does make sense gramatically. I'm not sure why you didn't understand. The coach told me that jack(the kid I'm talking to) is a good guy and zack then says to his coach "she's a good girl" & everyone should work on improving their negative qualities throughout their life. you should always be moving forward and bettering yourself. And relationships take compromise.i just meant if zack keeps calling me a good girl, what might that mean to a guy?

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