Why does being single hurt so much?

i cannot stand being single, I'm always depressed, pissed off, etc...People always brag about how great there relationship is and that doesn't help, I feel like just raging, break whatever is in my way.


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  • Because you care too much. Learn to be more independent. We're born alone and, even if we're together, we die alone. It's depressing but that's how it works. We are individualistic creatures, we are not tied together, nothing ties us together. So just relax, forget about them. When the right girl comes you'll get your relationship. Till then just chill out. The reason it bothers you is because you let it bother you. you think about it and obsess about it. It's your own fault, no one else's. If you keep talking and thinking about it and LETTING it bother you then you'll never be alright. So just let. it. go. It's really that easy. Enjoy the life you have with your friends and family, forget about girls... or boys. When the time is right you'll get some one. And not till then. You have to be comfortable with YOURSELF and being by yourself before you can be with some one else.

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      Enough said! I'd say something similar👍