Why does being single hurt so much?

i cannot stand being single, I'm always depressed, pissed off, etc...People always brag about how great there relationship is and that doesn't help, I feel like just raging, break whatever is in my way.


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  • Because you care too much. Learn to be more independent. We're born alone and, even if we're together, we die alone. It's depressing but that's how it works. We are individualistic creatures, we are not tied together, nothing ties us together. So just relax, forget about them. When the right girl comes you'll get your relationship. Till then just chill out. The reason it bothers you is because you let it bother you. you think about it and obsess about it. It's your own fault, no one else's. If you keep talking and thinking about it and LETTING it bother you then you'll never be alright. So just let. it. go. It's really that easy. Enjoy the life you have with your friends and family, forget about girls... or boys. When the time is right you'll get some one. And not till then. You have to be comfortable with YOURSELF and being by yourself before you can be with some one else.


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  • I totally now how you feel..Being single sucks but then rocks at the same time I don't half to worry about being tied down I can do whatever whenever I want. :) don't worry you'll find someone.

  • i know thatt feeling hurtsz, but youh have to learn to let go

    there's other fish in the sea out there

    youh'll find someone

    no one ever staysz single for long

  • Cause you're all alone. It does suck


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  • I really think you need hit the reset button on yourself. You are pissed you are single, and now you are probably single because you are pissed that you are single. Positive energy (and likewise, negative energy) is totally picked up by whoever you are talking to. Sh*t, even if you aren't talking to them, most people can just pick up on it. And get this. If you are somewhere where you are trying to meet girls, I'm guessing that negative energy just stews in you and it's picked up on even more by the opposite sex. I would recommend finding an activity that you enjoy. It can be work, school, hobbies, sports. Get your mind right by concentrating on those things that you are confortable doing and are preferably, good at doing. If you have a smartphone, download some ebooks on "true confiedence". If you have friends that generally put you in a positive mood, hang out with them more. Hell, get you and your friend going out, get in a positve frame of mine, walk with your head up, open up your body language, smile and you are good to go.

    • i don't show my feelings out in public, its too long of a story to say why I'm pisssed. but I DONT show in public or outside of my alone time.

    • True happiness in ones self is fairly evident. If you aren't truly happy with yourself, something will seem off about you. I can tell it other people, people can tell it in me. Either way, If you can find happiness in being single, independent. . . basically, just being happy being you, you will have more success with women.

  • If you're bitter single, you won't be better off in a relationship. Fix your problems first.

  • I understand what you mean entirely... But I've never been in a relationship you know never had someone/anyone show any interest in me... Do you know how that feels... It feels horrible , It killed my self confidence , my self esteem... I feel maybe i'm ugly or something is wrong with me... That no one ever cares for me , everyone has someone who loves them maybe a mother or a father or a significant other... Its the most horrible feelin ever... worst part is I let it bother me