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What does it mean if a girl touches you a lot?

I know all girls are different in their flirting methods and behaviors. Its just that this new girl started working at my work, she's pretty... Show More

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  • I sounds to me like she likes you. I mean, I'm a really touchy person but I know how that comes off sometimes so I never touch guys I haven't either known for awhile and are friends with or guys I am interested in.

    • Thanks and yea, that's the only reason I'd ask cause like we just met and she's touchy like we've been aquainted already

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What Girls Said 3

  • she likes you. a subtle, non-creepy way of getting closer to you.

  • she either really likes you orrr...she's got parkinson's disease and can't control her body ;)

    • Hahahahahah! So geeked :)

    • haha you're welcome :)

    • She even touched me again on my shoulder again today, we werr laughing about something and she just put her hand on me and smilied

What Guys Said 2

  • sometimes it means they like u, sometimes it just means they're trying to get you to like them. some girls who are hot just like having male attention and being flirtatious. it could be honest tho. I guess the only way to tell for sure is to flirt with them a lot then ask her out eventually

    • Yea I think I might cause even today when I worked with her she touched me a few times again

  • She obviously likes you

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