I lied to my boyfriend about my past what do I do?

I had been in my first relationship a few years ago and I made a stupid stupid mistake of being intimate with the guy because I was clueless and didn't know better. Things ended badly and a few months later I met my boyfriend we were such good friends and then we started dating. He asked me about... Show More

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  • "He asked me about my past and I lied because I was ashamed to tell him. We had dated for over a year and he found out on Valentine's Day and he had already ordered a promise ring and everything."

    Well, how would YOU feel if you dated a guy who lied to you for over a year and finally coughed up the truth?

    " He called me a string of degrading things and told me he wanted a break but then after he told me that he called me back twelve times asking me why I wasn't trying to fix things."

    "He says he doesn't know if he loves me anymore "

    He's confused, hurt, and pissed. Tell him he deserves someone better and apply no contact.