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I lied to my boyfriend about my past what do I do?

I had been in my first relationship a few years ago and I made a stupid stupid mistake of being intimate with the guy because I was clueless and... Show More

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  • "He asked me about my past and I lied because I was ashamed to tell him. We had dated for over a year and he found out on Valentine's Day and he had already ordered a promise ring and everything."

    Well, how would YOU feel if you dated a guy who lied to you for over a year and finally coughed up the truth?

    " He called me a string of degrading things and told me he wanted a break but then after he told me that he called me back twelve times asking me why I wasn't trying to fix things."

    "He says he doesn't know if he loves me anymore "

    He's confused, hurt, and pissed. Tell him he deserves someone better and apply no contact.

What Guys Said 2

  • u just did the wrong thing.. you need to be honest, even in bad thing you did in your past. tell him the truth and let him think about it.. tell him you like him and yeah. he will probably forgive u

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  • You really messed up and you nee to make sure he knows you know that. Most people aren't happy with their past but honesty is a key in any relationship. He just seems to want you to prove that you care and want to be honest with him and make things work.

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