Do pretty girls realize how well they're treated?

Okay, so I'll let you in on what prompted this question: I have a friend who is so gorgeous she that could get away with murder, yet she seems totally oblivious of the special treatment she gets. Like the other day, she and I were studying in the library when it was about to close. The guy at the desk offered to stay an extra half hour to keep the whole library open just so that she could finish what she was working on. (Not that I'm complaining! It worked out for me too.) I was amazed but she, while appreciative, did not seem to think this so extraordinary. Now, I know this girl pretty well and if she believed that she was getting any kind of special treatment based on how she looks, I know she would not allow it. Rather, it seems that she just thinks that the kind of generosity towards others of which she is frequently the beneficiary, is just normal, and that others are just as fortunate as her.

Now for my question: In your opinion, are pretty women aware of the special treatment that they get? Is my friend unusual in her obliviousness? Or do they all just assume that it's natural and that all people are treated just as kindly?


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  • I think pretty girls realize it, they just don't rub it in your face and are modest, I really don't think they don't realize it. I have gotten out of tickets, got discounts at stores and other help just b.c. of being looked at as "attractive" people are much nicer to you. Sometimes, people do the opposite I have gotten people being way hard on me just b.c. of being pretty, very rude remarks stereotypical especially by guy who have some kind of issue with pretty girls (may be been burned or rejected by some?) idk


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  • It's a fairly simple answer. More often than nought, the women in question are unaware of their royal stance in society.

  • i think most do.

  • haha, even tho your friend should answer that question, but I will give it a shot...the thing is, she knows she looks good and she knows exactly that people are being nice to her because of that reason and so she simply takes it as it comes.

    so knowing that she looks really good, what kinda guys does she normally go for?

    • well, I know she's pretty focused on school right now, so I haven't seen her do a whole lot of dating. the one guy I did see her with seemed like a nice guy. he was in a different department at the school getting his PhD in environmental engineering or something like I guess you could say she likes smart guys? but then again she's not unique in that...

    • hmm, you mean renewable energy...but ye since she is focussed on studin then I guess she needs the smart people around for help which doesn't mean that she is into them (nice guys are normally dumped in the friend zone unless the girl has had enough of dating)...however, just wanted to know interms of dating, what a prity girl would go for and why? (the answer varies but just curious)

  • If they've always been treated like that then I'd say that yes, getting treated like a princess is nothing special to her. Which is why I guarantee that she dates ass holes. They treat her bad causing her to feel like they are better than her resulting in her being emotionally attached to what she see's as something good. I wish she could walk a mile in a fat girls shoes.

    • not really. my friend is really smart too...that means socially intelligent as well. she doesn't date a lot but the one guy I've seen her in an ongoing thing with was a really great guy. actually we're all still friends. could be the exception that breaks the rule, though. plus I'm pretty sure my friend isn't aware of how pretty she is. I just think she doesn't realize that the rest of us usually don't get out of speeding tickets and things like that!

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    • best approach. Total honesty, or awesome lies. Surprise them and make them laugh and they will let you off.

    • Actually, best approach is just following the speed limit.

  • Yes, but life becomes very difficult around age 30 when it all comes to an end.


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  • There are all kinds of ditzes in life... genuinely pretty girls seem to have the worst case. They don't know how good they have it. Hot guys too. Especially the nerds who for some reason think they're not hot... I don't get that one at all...

    Anyway, think of it this way, if all your life you got candy for breakfast, how would you know that other people get cereal? Especially if you never see what other people eat for breakfast?

    Pretty people don't have to work as hard, it's human nature. Now some take advantage of this and then they become ugly people...but still dont' have to work as hard until their image/looks fade, which as we all know, happens to everyone.

  • No actually, they're usually not aware of it at all considering they got used to being treated that way their whole lives and they don't know the meaning of being treated otherwise.

  • i don't think they realize it.

  • Sometimes that doesn't work in your favor though because if you're attractive and a guy asks you out, you don't know whether he genuinely likes you or wants to get in your pants.

    • i agree. I'm sure that there are negatives to being attractive, though I think most would prefer it to the alternative (hence, the cosmetics industry). But that pretty people are treated better in court is well documented, and it stands to reason that this bias pervades other aspects of life as well. which is fine with me; I'm not bitter or jealous. my question is whether pretty people realize that this kind of treatment is specific to them or if they assume that everyone's treated as well.

  • yes. I do get preferential treatment, but I still think it's unfair. There are less attractive girls who are far better people than I am. I know the life is very unfair but this brings out a shallowness I find very offensive.

  • I am aware of it, but I am not going to announce it to the whole world. lol ... That would be a bit vein in my opinion.

    Honestly, you just get used to it so it is not a shocker when people go out of their way to help me.

    Unfair but true.