Do pretty girls realize how well they're treated?

Okay, so I'll let you in on what prompted this question: I have a friend who is so gorgeous she that could get away with murder, yet she seems totally oblivious of the special treatment she gets. Like the other day, she and I were studying in the library when it was about to close. The guy at the desk offered to stay an extra half hour to keep the whole library open just so that she could finish what she was working on. (Not that I'm complaining! It worked out for me too.) I was amazed but she, while appreciative, did not seem to think this so extraordinary. Now, I know this girl pretty well and if she believed that she was getting any kind of special treatment based on how she looks, I know she would not allow it. Rather, it seems that she just thinks that the kind of generosity towards others of which she is frequently the beneficiary, is just normal, and that others are just as fortunate as her.

Now for my question: In your opinion, are pretty women aware of the special treatment that they get? Is my friend unusual in her obliviousness? Or do they all just assume that it's natural and that all people are treated just as kindly?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think pretty girls realize it, they just don't rub it in your face and are modest, I really don't think they don't realize it. I have gotten out of tickets, got discounts at stores and other help just b.c. of being looked at as "attractive" people are much nicer to you. Sometimes, people do the opposite I have gotten people being way hard on me just b.c. of being pretty, very rude remarks stereotypical especially by guy who have some kind of issue with pretty girls (may be been burned or rejected by some?) idk