Dating 2 months ... I told him I miss him?

I've been seeing this guy for about 2 months now, we meet 1-2 a week and have a really good time together. I'm 23 and he's 26 and we have been dating exclusively from the beginning. We have fooled around, but haven't really gone all the way ... I'm a virgin and I'm waiting a little longer, although I do feel that time is approaching. He texts me every day almost, initiating the convo. I also try to initiate and ask him to hang out, but I like making him pursue me because girls are more needy in general, so I try to give him space with his friends and family, things have been good so far. He's sweet, smart, funny and we have a lot of chemistry. But, about 2 weeks into dating (that is, 6 weeks ago) he mentioned he wasn't ready yet for a serious relationship and wanted to go slow, just enjoy each others' company. I agreed because both of us have had hurtful past relationships. After this we have not had a "where do we stand"convo. I'm letting it just unravel on its own.

He texted me this morning and I responded saying I was missing him (although we spent about 4 hours together on Friday). This was the first time I had let my emotions out a bit in our relationship but I took the plunge with the text. He texted me back, I'm missing you too, do you want to hang out tonight?

We ended up not hanging out cause he was exhausted after work, but I still regret texting him I miss him. Yet at the same time I feel I should be honest. Am I doing anything wrong? Any advice?

Should I have the "where do we stand" talk?


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  • Ughh... It wouldn't let me finish my comment... So I'll do it here. Read my 2nd comment below first before you read this.

    But then you say... I've been distant because you don't seem to want the same thing as me and I'm not going to waste my time.

    This displays utmost confidence, and that you respect yourself so much you're not going to put up with being strung along and taken for granted. It also implies you believe you will have no problem finding a guy who will gladly meet your needs.

    This confidence will make him want to have you as his girlfriend, and he will be afraid that if he doesn't act, someone else will scoop you up.

    What most girls do, is they say they want a relationship, but then hang around when the guy refuses to give it to them. Hoping the guy will eventually realize what he has. THIS NEVER WORKS. Because just by hanging around, she is showing that her needs aren't important, and guys don't respect nor want to date girls that comprise their needs.

    Don't ever settle for less than you deserve!

    And make it known that you never have and never will.


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      Hey, thx for your response, I really appreciate the advice. I haven't had the talk and I've been being a little distant but he and I have hung out a couple times this week and it's been great. I think one issue is I'm a little distant and shy in person with him. I never ever initiate holding hands or kiss him, even on the cheek. I kno that's weird after 2 months, but I'm shy by nature. I feel bad making him do all the work and I was thinking maybe I shd let him kno in case he thinks I'm

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      (contined comment ...) confused or mixed abt my feelings. I was just gonna ask to meet him tonight for a few min and say, "I know I'm not very forward with you and I didn't want you to think I wasn't comf or didn't like you ... I'm just a little shy by nature and I felt if I did take initiative it would put pressure and I completely respect your wishes in that regard. I just feel bad making you do all the work ..." the reason I'm even bringing it up is cause last night at the movies I think he was

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      (continued ...) waiting for me to hold his hand or lean on him and I wanted to but I'm so shy I just didn't. He finally just grabbed my hand gently toward the end of the movie. I really like him and want to make it clear because I guess I am sending mixed signals. I'm sure most girls rub up against their man or cozy up to them by now ... Do you think that would be an OK convo to have? It would really bug me all week if I had to wait to bring it up ...