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Trust issues with girlfriend? Need advice?

My girlfriend and I were best friends about 5-6 months before we started dating and have been officially together for 1 year and a month. We are both... Show More

Cont'd: ...every other day(s). I told her that she needs to stop flirting so much - she told me she will. It's hard for me to trust that with past experiences with other guys she has met. I try to give her attention so she know I lover her so much. Thanks

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  • It sounds like you are probably giving her too much attention, coming on too strong the week or so each month you are together. You might be well-intentioned but it sounds like you're drowning her. You're 17, so at that age your girlfriend is still going to naturally be seeking attention from guys, it's part of the game. Boosts her confidence. That doesn't mean she won't be loyal, but you have to judge that carefully. You really care about her, so give her a bit of space, don't be too mushy or smother her, trust her and see what happens.

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