Are ALL Aries men selfish?

Ok, so I know quite a few Aries, male and female. I find it quite a coincidence that I just met someone and after talking to him for an hour or so, I guessed that he was an Aries and I was correct. They seem to all expect you to do what they want you to do when they want you to do it and unfortunately do not last very long in the bedroom or I should say last longer than the normal rendezvous (as saying that makes them want to safe face). Do they all want to be in the spotlight or in the background but know famous people and just jump into any venture that they think will make them filthy rich and the envy of everyone they know. Do they all need to be praised and told how nice they look (including men)? Are they all self involved? oh and here is the quicker, do they all not know it lol?

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I guess I shouldve asked for NON Aries to reply lol, cause Aries never seem to think this about themselves lol.
People assume I read astrology then come to conclusions about people.Its the oppossite.It started by noticing commanilities in peoples behavior in my family who are mostly scorpio except me and then I seem to attract Aries&Capricorn men.Tough to ignore !


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  • Astrology is just a bunch of generalizations formatted so anyone can relate to it, much like a fortune cookie. Hence, a sign does not dictate how someone acts or what their personality is like. I mean do you really think someone being born in a certain month will determine much about them...Its all biological and environmental impacts which have shaped who they are and some perspectives of how they may think, astrology has nothing to do with it.

    • No not the same.I wasn't always a believer and I still don't believe in fortune cookies lol but astrology is too dead on to not be real.I do think that a certain month,a certain time of day and a certain way of birth does reflect on a person.Im not kidding that when I wasn't a believer I would relate to certain people easily and others like oil and water and then find out that astrologists stated that exact result adn I don't just mean based on one person this is based on many.What is your birthday?

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    • Sensitive isn't just crying is my point.You don't intentionally play games,you do it not thinking that its considered games even though it is to other people, not in a mean way but you like to tease,you think that the person that fights through all your teasing or gives it back to you is worth your while.Anywho Goodnight, nice talking to you.From the site.."They will easily get lost in a good conversation".By the way everything I said wasn't from the site that's the commonalities of piesces I know

    • oh and I forgot to mention that they don't appeal to everyone, Piesces info doesn't appeal to me and I was actually in the category of Sagitarius when I was younger since my birthday is on cusp.Cause of that I didn't believe in horoscopes cause I always thought I was more like a capricorn and then years later my birthday was then realigned into capricorn.Ok Goodnight for real now, but thanks for the convo

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  • Astrology sends my B.S. meter out of range: link If it is broke, will you pay me a new one?

  • Look, I hate to be cynical, but if your star-sign had any bearing on your personality, 1 in 12 people would, depending on the year, have been having the same kind of personality traits as Hitler, Michael Jackson and Johnny Knoxville. People look for patterns and find them - did you know that you will encounter someone with the initial "A" every day at work?

    • Actually that is exactly what I think. I do think that 1 in 12 people have distinct personalities and then things like upbringing, life experiences etc come into play which makes us different. However, it seems like despite what a person does or how they do it, the thought process behind it seems to be the same.So there is someone with MJ's personality that didn't have parents like him to push him to stardom etc.So I'm not saying that astrology is the end all but I think it plays a factor

  • yes, aries people are horrible and should be put away.

  • Eric Clapton and Sean Bean and Elton John are all Aries, and I don't think they're overly selfish. I mean think about it. If you don't protect your own interests, who will?

    • Thanks.There are several ways to be selfish.I don't mean stingy or can't share type selfish,I mean self-involved and actually Aries tend to want to be in the spotlight even if they are not famous.Thats more what I meant.Ive dated too many Aries to not see it.They all are different men likes and dislikes but thought process the same.They want an armpiece,they make plans for you without consulting you cause they assumme you'll do what they want lol.stuff like that.

    • Well my dad is a monstrous Aries so I know what you're upset with.

  • starsigns are bullsh*t.

    eventhough I act like my starsign "cancer" not many people actually are like that.

    in short, that Aeries guy was just you're run of the mill, garden variety asshole.

    • sad to say but it wasn't just one Aries, lol.For some reason, Capricorns, cancers and aries always seem to find their way to me lol and occassionally scorpios. notice the commonalities.They were all different in actions&behavior but their thought process was always the sameThey are not selfish like they don't want to share but they are selfish like they don't want anyone else in their spotlight, including their woman, they'd much prefer an arm piece.One even hated I made more than him

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    • Astrology is emphatically quite useful.

    • yummyboi77,thanks for your comment.An accurate analogy using your scenario is that most of your friends like apples but 3 of them that don't even know each other like oranges with chocolate syrup and all 3 happen to have the same birthday or close.Are you telling me that you lack that much observation that coincidence wouldn't spark your interest at all?Too many coincidences to ignore.Glad no one is sending you signals of the end of the world cause you wouldn't even investigate lol.

  • holy cow are they ever! But it's part of what is attractive about them too - the fact that they command a room so to speak

    check out my question "How do I show her my feelings are genuine while maintaining my own happiness?" and tell me if you can guess what sign she is :)

  • I am non-Aries and I will say that Aries men are no more or less selfish than Aries women. :) Since it is a foolish way to blanket someone's individual flaws with astrological nonsense, I'd say this was hardly worth answering. It's like asking if Santa Claus has crotch rot. It's fake!

    • lol I actually only segregated Aries men because I am a woman, I'm sure Aries women probably have the same characteristics.

  • All Aries must obviously die a horrible death.

  • sorry but, astrology is not real, just like the tooth fairy, leprauchauns, fair parking tickets and christianity

  • look, your character is build based on your experiences in life and therefore you respend to certain situations according to those experiences...Im not Aries or whatever you wanna call it... you cannot just label people selfish based on some predction chart. Would you like it if someone said people with your star sign are idiots?

    Anyways, I don't believe in star signs cos its just some b-sht...but its your choice

    • Honestly, if someone said most capricorns are stubborn and sarcastic,Id own up to it and say YES I am lol.I don't understand why people have such difficulty owning up to their flaws.I agree with you that life experience and situations can alter a persons character but it doesn't mean that the base before they changed didn't exist.Take a look at multiple people in your life with the same sign.I wasn't a believer but started to based on commonalities I noticed in people I knew with same sign

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    • oh no I don't think it tells the future.i think it just helps understand for example I just went on a date with a gemini.I know nothing of geminis I looked it up and it says they have a thing with hands and like body lotion happens to be lavendar which is my fav smell.He couldn't stop talking about it and then out of nowhere he asked me to put my hands in his cause he wanted to see how soft they were lmbo...thats a true story that just happened and I didn't provoke lol

    • I think what people misunderstand is that I don't think that anyone thinks its an exact science or dictates everys ingle person because like you said you can take an Aries that had to be a caregiver at a young age and not that selfish but I'm just saying there are too many coincidences in my life to ignore and I think that there is something to it. Thanks for the convo

  • Astrology is complete BULL Sht

  • Yes, all women are selfish.

    Oh you asked about men? Yes, many of them are too. People in general are selfish and it makes me sad :\

    • Nice lol

    • Hehe sorry, I couldn't help :P but ya, most people are selfish. Makes me sad. I wonder if all the REALLY selfish people I met were Aries though. I never take stock in anything astrological, but I'm curious if it's there lol,

  • I'm aries/taurus cusp and def feel the aries pull at times. Yeah we are selfish. We are the baby of the zodiacs. We are also extremely generous when asked. But not just naturally giving. You have to ask. But everyone is different. I'm an artist, so I create. With sex for instance, you become an extension of me, much like a guitar or drumstick during a masterful composition. Ergo you become the instrument, that which must be played beautifully. But I don't know maybe that's the taurus in me. Sorry that you had bad experience with aries. But yeah with them/us, it's all about them/us.

    • very true.I think a lot of people reading this misunderstand what I mean by selfish.but you are absolutely correct Aries are selfish but have the biggest hearts.Theyd give you their shirt of their back if they love you but you have to be willing to take the back seat to the Aries wants and needs.It may sound contradictory but if people knew an Aries theyd understand lol

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    • trinababy...I know you didn't mean this question for me but I have seen the opposite. I have gotten tricked lol by someone that was more Taurus so I thought we would be good at first then the selfishness showed in other ways. Taurus are very caring so you think that they go out of their way for you but if you ever take a pen to paper you'll see that somehow you are always the one giving or giving more lol. Their list is longer than yours but you'll see it adds up to $20 when yours is $2000 lol

    • i'm more taurus and rather would be more taurus. I'm embarassed for the aries people in my life. I hope that I'm not like them.

  • Lol astrology is bullsh*t. Just so you know I won't answer any of your comments.

    • Thanks for your comment and that is fine. I wasn't a believer either. You don't have to respond just take a look at this site and then secretly be a believer to yourself. I don't work for or have any affiliation with this site at all.


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    • This is so much fun! I have to tell you. Look what I found out about myself from your site.

      "Aquarius needs a secretary." - LOL

      "They might offer you a spontaneous last minute camping trip with no supplies prepared, if you decide to go along, you will have a weekend to remember forever!" - hahaha

      "Aquarius is known to pick at anyone they find weak or dull-minded." - OK they're right about this one.

    • lol I wasn't guessing you were a sagitarius lol. I just sent you the link to the site to pick your own sign lol.I wish I was that good.So far I can only seem to pick out Aries and other Capricorns lol.Mostly because I get annoyed with Aries wanting me to be submissive and kiss up to them and I get bored with Capricorns talking about our careers and how much money we make and I mean forever lol not just getting to know each other,a year later planning everything before we do it lol

  • Yes I just can't seem to break free from my daily horoscopes :(

  • Your personal experiences are hard to ignore because you are living them. If you have two craps the same size you should think of it as coincidence and not the universe trying to tell you something. lol

    • Ok and if you put your hand in a fire twice and you get burned feel free to try it a 3rd time before associating fire with hot lol. At what point do you stop ignoring something that is consistently happening. Your example with the 2 craps, there are actual doctors that can tell you why your crap is consistently alike, just because you are not a doctor and don't understand that there is a reason behind something doesn't mean the reason doesn't exist, just means you've chosen to not know.

    • To me, your additional comment is the third crap.

    • Thanks for your mature opinion but I probably shouldn't have expected much based on your first response. My fault. Thanks

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  • Astrology isn't real.

    • I actually wasn't a believer but there have been too many coincidences.I am exactly what my sign says and I have met other people my sign and we all share the exact same qualities.I have even dated someone that was a pieces and it said that most tend to be fair skinned with different color eyes (I'm black so that is not usually the case in my race) and I have dated 2 pieces, both fair skinned, one had green and the other hazel blue eyes(black men). 'm a believer now.Too many coincidences !

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    • take a look


    • Astrology is like a personality test in a way. It gives you characteristics you may or may not have. Just like the personality tests by Jung. Instead of answering a series of questions you just go by birth date.

  • Well, first of all I don't believe in astrology. It's fun, but not something I take seriously. I'm a Libra, and while I'm diplomatic, I'm not at all a social butterfly, more like quiet and introverted. Also, the only thing I can do that might be considered an art is play the piano and sing. Probably the biggest flaw in the Libra description, for me, is the lazy, don't work hard part. I'm almost obsessive about getting work done, and I generally enjoy it. Kinda strange, but that's me. I'm also definitely not a "master of seduction" lol.

    Second, no not all Aries guys are as you described. I just checked through my birthday lists for March and April on facebook, and I can confidently say most of the guys on those lists aren't like that. One of them is exactly as you described, but the rest no.

  • My little brother is an Aries and the most giving and unselfish person I know. He would give the shirt off his back if someone needed it more than him.

    • Actually I agree with you. In a response to someone else at the top I say that. I think people misunderstand what I mean by selfish. ALL the Aries I know if they love you have the biggest hearts ever, but they are still self-involved and expect things to revolve around them.It's difficult to explain unless you know an Aries but I haven't met one yet that wasn't this way. Again, I'm not saying that every Aries takes on ALL the traits but most take on a few that are stronger than the other traits

    • I think I know what you mean. They expect everyone to schedule their time around their schedules. I went out with an aries guy a couple times and even though he was a sweet guy and liked to pay the bill all the time, he didn't believe in going dutch, he was very into himself. He liked to talk about his accomplishments alot, bragging I guess you could say. Still a very sweet guy though.

  • Arians are not selfish people but they do tend to think of themselves a lot. I know that those two sound the exact same but what I mean is that typical Arians, who are often impulsive and tend to not think of the consequences, may appear selfish but really it's because they fail to think about the results of their actions. They are actually kind and warm people who want to brighten the mood whenever someone appears to be down in the dumps. They are never malicious except in brief moments when someone has crossed the line with them but it rarely ever lasts very long.

    Also Arians deeply trust their instincts and don't like it when people try to tell them they are wrong about what they feel (as I think most people would agree about themselves regardless of their sign).

    All of the negative associations that appear in each astrological sign are actually misinterpretations of more complex personality traits. Sometimes you have to read into a persons actions to truly understand their motivations.

    Source: Jonathan Cainer's "Guide to the Zodiac".

  • Hitler should have targeted the horrible Aries individual.

  • people are mean, not astrology.

  • Hahahaha, I'm an Aries =]

    and I have to say it happens at times, but what can I do about it? its just how I was born =] Blame my mother not me =]

  • YES! I have TOO many Aries in my life to know they are all SELF involved! My mother,sister,best friend,Godson & the Guy I'm talking to are all Aries! They are headstrong! They don't take no for an answer...ive learned just to give my mother her way so I don't have to hear her bitch or have an attitude! Lol! My sis is the same way,along with my best friend. THEY ARE STUCK IN THEIR WAYS & very stubborn! My Godson is 11 months old & he already shows signs of he wants what he wants! & he's determined to get it! They get angry easily! The guy I'm talking to, is always jumping into something new if he thinks it will make him a great deal of money..usually it's short lived & he gets bored of it & finds a new thing to get into. This scared me at first! I noticed how he gets bored easily...& moves onto the next best thing..i figd he would do this with me as well! But we are still talkin a year a bit of a challenge for him so I think that's what keeps him hanging on. He has a temper! But at the sametime he's a very nice person...just like my mother. I'm a Libra...they are the EXACT opposite of an they can actually work out & complete each other long as the Aries can keep their mouth shut & not bash the sensitive Libra! (which we bump heads easily as well do to this!) I'm into Astrology as well. Yes in a way it can be generalized toward almost anyone...but that's typical..we are taking about billions of people..but the combination of characteristics really can generalize on the people born under the sign. I can point out an Aries like it's nothing! Libras too...i have quite a few Libra friends & we are all alike! But yes this is true as far as Aries are guy also likes to hear how great he is, or any self praise he sucks it up! Like if were not getting along...& he's not talking to me much, I'll stroke his ego & he comes right back around! Haha! He hates when I say sorry! He tells me I'm not allowed to say sorry...even when I am truly sorry for something I've done...My best guy friend is ALSO an Aries! He is the same, he yells at me when I say sorry! They are truly sensitive under their hard exterior. That's my experience with Aries! To many coincidences to not thin k astrology doesn't exist!

    • Wow.This is how my interest in astrology started.People on this site think that I read astrology and then make decisions on it and really it was the oppossite.I had mulitple people in my life and would find myself saying, wow you are just like so and so, then to find out that they are all the same sign.I just for some reason attract Aries and Capricorn men,family all scorpios (except me) and just too many coincidences to ignore.

  • true for EVERY zodiac sign