Are ALL Aries men selfish?

Ok, so I know quite a few Aries, male and female. I find it quite a coincidence that I just met someone and after talking to him for an hour or so, I guessed that he was an Aries and I was correct. They seem to all expect you to do what they want you to do when they want you to do it and unfortunately do not last very long in the bedroom or I should say last longer than the normal rendezvous (as saying that makes them want to safe face). Do they all want to be in the spotlight or in the background but know famous people and just jump into any venture that they think will make them filthy rich and the envy of everyone they know. Do they all need to be praised and told how nice they look (including men)? Are they all self involved? oh and here is the quicker, do they all not know it lol?

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I guess I shouldve asked for NON Aries to reply lol, cause Aries never seem to think this about themselves lol.
People assume I read astrology then come to conclusions about people.Its the oppossite.It started by noticing commanilities in peoples behavior in my family who are mostly scorpio except me and then I seem to attract Aries&Capricorn men.Tough to ignore !


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  • Astrology is just a bunch of generalizations formatted so anyone can relate to it, much like a fortune cookie. Hence, a sign does not dictate how someone acts or what their personality is like. I mean do you really think someone being born in a certain month will determine much about them...Its all biological and environmental impacts which have shaped who they are and some perspectives of how they may think, astrology has nothing to do with it.

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      No not the same.I wasn't always a believer and I still don't believe in fortune cookies lol but astrology is too dead on to not be real.I do think that a certain month,a certain time of day and a certain way of birth does reflect on a person.Im not kidding that when I wasn't a believer I would relate to certain people easily and others like oil and water and then find out that astrologists stated that exact result adn I don't just mean based on one person this is based on many.What is your birthday?

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      Sensitive isn't just crying is my point.You don't intentionally play games,you do it not thinking that its considered games even though it is to other people, not in a mean way but you like to tease,you think that the person that fights through all your teasing or gives it back to you is worth your while.Anywho Goodnight, nice talking to you.From the site.."They will easily get lost in a good conversation".By the way everything I said wasn't from the site that's the commonalities of piesces I know

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      oh and I forgot to mention that they don't appeal to everyone, Piesces info doesn't appeal to me and I was actually in the category of Sagitarius when I was younger since my birthday is on cusp.Cause of that I didn't believe in horoscopes cause I always thought I was more like a capricorn and then years later my birthday was then realigned into capricorn.Ok Goodnight for real now, but thanks for the convo