Why do some girls never call or text first?

I've gone on three dates with her, and ever since I've met her and have started talking to her she will never, EVER text me first or call me first.

I would be more worried if she wasn't always agreeing to meet up and happy to talk to me when I do call or text her, but why are some girls like this?

After our third date I wanted to see if she would ever hit me up first just to say hi or see how I was doing, and for four days we didn't talk and I finally just texted her to say hi.

Why are some girls like this? Why is she doing this?


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  • I am just like her. It has been about 2 weeks and my boyfriend has not text me nor I texted him I never text him first because I feel like he is going to think that's how he's got me. I also have a lot of pride and I am very shy. I donot want to be seen as weak in his eyes and I do not want for him to think I am in need of him. Many times I die to text him so so so bad I even erase his number from my contacts so that my anxiety doesn't beat me... and finally he texts me bt I think this time he's not going to text me...lol... and well if he doesn't I am not eather... I sound cold I know but I have reasons from the past that have obligated me to be this way...hope I helped you in uderstanding this girls behavior. :)

    • You are a crazy woman lol, It takes two to tango. I could understand if you just met someone but you still do it even after he is your boyfriend?

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    • Reasons from the past... like a guy acted hard to get ... And then I ended up looking like I was desperate for the guy...lol... I texted the guy, called him, and he always replied like 2 days afterwards... I fall quick for a guy and that is why I have to watch how far I go when I'm in a relationship...

    • hahaha...yes I still do it.. I bet he is tired of it, and I know it takes 2 work a relationship out but Ugh! ... I guess ill text him on his B-day if he doesn't text me...lol


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  • Most likely she is unsure about how you feel. She's not sure if you really like her, or what's your motive. I am guilty of this. Probably because its still in the beginning, I don't like to text or call too much, because I don't want to come off as pushy or clingy! Granted she could at least text you to show she is interested. Next time you talk to her...ask her. That's what my guy does. He says "Why do I always have to call you first? You don't know how to call nobody!?" lol we've been talking for sometime so occasionally I do it on purpose to hear him whine & get irritated with me..lol. But I think she's unsure about how you feel..sooo just ask her! Simple as that! She's gotta be interested, or else she wouldn't go out with you! G'Luck! =)

  • She doesn't want to seem 'clingy.' It's real dumb, but usually she'll avoid firsts altogether when secretly she's dying to talk to you.

    Also, my friend always tells me that when it comes to guys, as a girl you have to act like you don't need them, so they'll be more likely to chase you. I'm not a big fan of this concept, and I feel like it's more respectful as a girl to initiate conversations too so it's not all one-sided on the guy's part, but a lot of girls use it so don't be too surprised.

    • Yea I've come to realize that now. It's fine for every five girls that don't take initiative one does, and they end up winning.

      Just my two cents.

  • because if a girl likes you and she texts you as often as she thinks of you, then she'd be texting you near-constantly. so a girl learns to suppress these feelings and to wait for him to text first so she knows she doesn't appear clingy.


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  • She's shy OR she's playing games (she wants to keep you interested and not take her for granted, I guess).