When a girl compares you to her dad...?

Is that good or bad? This girl and I have been talking a lot lately and sometimes I get the feeling that she may like me (of course I like her a lot). Recently we've been talking about family and she bring up her dad a lot and how much she loves him and she is always telling me how I do or say things like her dad (like "laughing at my own jokes" when nobody else does) or just little things I do or certain mannerism she says "you do this just like my dad". I told her that he sounds like a really cool guy and how we are so alike and how we would get along and I also try to bring him up in conversations (I've never met him but I just ask how he is doing, etc). Am I on the right path here?

Just FYI, I'm 4 years older than she is.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, you are certainly on the right path. In a partner, women value much of the same qualities as they do in their father. This girl has been accustomed to and highly regards her father's traits, and this familiarity will naturally make her more comfortable around you. She has grown to cherish her father's wisdom, his caring, his protection, the affection he shows to her mother, and so on. So it would make sense that women build an ideal for a romantic partner based on her father's image as he is typically the dominant male role model in her life. This isn't weird or anything, well maybe it's a red flag if she compares your looks to her father's... but the dad thing isn't about looks it's about the male traits that they learn to value most through growing up. Anyway, I'd say it's looking good for you with her.