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When a girl compares you to her dad...?

Is that good or bad? This girl and I have been talking a lot lately and sometimes I get the feeling that she may like me (of course I like her a... Show More

Just FYI, I'm 4 years older than she is.

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  • Yes, you are certainly on the right path. In a partner, women value much of the same qualities as they do in their father. This girl has been accustomed to and highly regards her father's traits, and this familiarity will naturally make her more comfortable around you. She has grown to cherish her father's wisdom, his caring, his protection, the affection he shows to her mother, and so on. So it would make sense that women build an ideal for a romantic partner based on her father's image as he is typically the dominant male role model in her life. This isn't weird or anything, well maybe it's a red flag if she compares your looks to her father's... but the dad thing isn't about looks it's about the male traits that they learn to value most through growing up. Anyway, I'd say it's looking good for you with her.

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  • It's called the Electra Complex, if you don't know what it is. link

  • Loads of studies show that people end up married/in love with/dating people that share traits with their opposite sex parent.Whether its their nose or laughing at their own jokes - its usually a positive thing that they're associating you with the people who have been their role models for their entire lives. Plus if you share characteristics, she may be hinting that you will get along well. Which is always a plus!

  • Never get between a girl and her daddy, especially if the girl loves and respects him. Sounds like you're doing a great job, and asking about her family and showing interest in what she values so highly will definitely earn you brownie points. Just...don't mess with her head please. Shy little 'daddy's girls' are a bit more vulnerable than other women cause they don't interact with many jerks/assholes (generally speaking).

  • Girls who are close to their dads tend to date guys who remind them of their father. I wouldn't exactly take up an obsession with her dad or anything since you've never met him before, but you seem to be on the right track by casually asking how her father is doing.. Next time she mentions how much you remind her of her dad, take it as a compliment, she obviously loves you both very much! (:

    • Sounds like I'm on my way lol. She talks a lot about him so when she does I ask her a little thing here and there, nothing too much. One of the things I like about her is that she is really close to her family and she is a decent girl (which in some places can be a RARE find). SHe is a little shy sometimes but she seems to be opening up, thanks!

    • thats really great! It tends to be good girls that are really close to their families that look for guys like their dads.. I don't think it should matter that you're 4 years older than her, as long as you both enjoy the relationship you're in and the company you two keep in each other. :)

  • it depends on the girl. I am , I would never want to date someone like my dad, but some girls do

  • Since she is very fond of her dad, I think its a good sign. Also you may be one of a few guys other than her dad that she has talked a lot to. But don;t bring up her dad all the time.If you ever meet her dad then she really likes you. I tell my boyfriend when he says stuff like my dad. But I didn't when I first met him, because he's significantly older than me and they like a lot of the same stuff. Like cooking and a few other things.She's obviously pretty comfortable with you.You can usually tell when someone likes you. I realized after I met my boyfriend's mom (he's close to her and respects her) I even tried to take care of him like she does. It's weird, but I've always liked taking care of people. I ask him how she is often, because she is so sweet and she told me she loves me.

What Guys Said 7

  • Yes, you are on the right path. Though I suspect she likes you only because you resemble her father..

  • Daddy's Girl

  • Dad = GoodBrother = your never getting it.

  • I never get compared to girls dad's.

  • She had incest with him

  • depends on her relationship with her father if it is good then in my opinion, it means your some one she feels safe with and protected by some one always there for her. if it is bad then you could be seen as that authoratative opressive figure but since you spend so much time together I doubt it.

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