Why can't most women accept any criticism without getting angry/trying to retaliate?

This is true when dating but in general at work or play as well.

Of course they consider themselves free to gossip and backbite as much as they want.and tha'ts supposed to be above criticism as wel.

Aren't some of the answers really FASCINATING? Glad I asked this question.


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  • Guilty as charged. I've been so obsessed with women' rights that in fact I generally respond to any criticism from men with anger.while I tend to excuse really bad behavior by women by saying they are just 'expressing their anger', etc.

    I've come to see that all the women's rights rhetoric has turned into an excuse for a lot of women to be rude, inconsiderate, borrish.in orthe words, a lot like the men!

    But men accept criticism for that behavior, generally.and don't try to hide behind their gender.

    I wish I could disagree, and just a few years ago I would have.but not now.

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      Your honesty is very much appreciated.

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      I totally know what ya mean and totally agree. and it sorta gives us a chance 2 go off on them and say everythhing we've wanted 2 say but didnt. I just did that last nit. and omg then my frn did it and it turned into HUGE mess and it still is and we still haven't gotten it worked out. that's the bad part of it.. sumtimes it doesn't turn out so well

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      Wow, that's good to hear