I have been feeling lonely. What should I do? advice please

Hmm lately I have been feeling lonely,i feel depressed and I actually hate myself,i feel death would be a blessing right now,idk if I am saying this right..so sorry,i just need help,i would never kill myself but death sounds wonderful right now,idk what to do


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  • Hmmm... It seems like you're going through that phase in your life. The main thing is recogising you're not going to kill yourself, if you get to that stage, you need to seek serious professional help. I think it might be worth you talking to a counsellor about why you feel this way. Also, what is the cause of this sudden loneliness? Just a suggestion, but maybe going out and meeting friends or making new friends might help. Aso, it is sometimes OK to have your own space to think things through. Also, think of things you like doing and maybe join a hobby club. You mentioned you hate yourself? Why? Are others saying hurtful things to you? Do you think you are a bad person? No one in his world should make someone feel bad. If you hate yourself, you need to change that mindset. List the things you think are good traits about yourself. Confide in someone youcn trust, like a close friend. Maybe even family members who might understand. Don't feel you have to go through this alone. You can work through your problems with others.

    Sorry, the above is rather generic advice without knowing in detail what ghe cause of your loneliness is. I hope you manage to work things out and get out from this feeling.

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      No need to apologize,sorry I didn't reply to this sooner,have not really been on,And..I don't know,just feel lonely,Yes I do hate myself very much,if I wasn't such a coward I would cut/kill myself hahaa,This one girl is saying a lot of hurtful things about me but I will admit it,i deserve it,i did some bad things to her that I regret,i am a bad person