I have been feeling lonely. What should I do? advice please

Hmm lately I have been feeling lonely,i feel depressed and I actually hate myself,i feel death would be a blessing right now,idk if I am saying this right..so sorry,i just need help,i would never kill myself but death sounds wonderful right now,idk what to do


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  • Hmmm... It seems like you're going through that phase in your life. The main thing is recogising you're not going to kill yourself, if you get to that stage, you need to seek serious professional help. I think it might be worth you talking to a counsellor about why you feel this way. Also, what is the cause of this sudden loneliness? Just a suggestion, but maybe going out and meeting friends or making new friends might help. Aso, it is sometimes OK to have your own space to think things through. Also, think of things you like doing and maybe join a hobby club. You mentioned you hate yourself? Why? Are others saying hurtful things to you? Do you think you are a bad person? No one in his world should make someone feel bad. If you hate yourself, you need to change that mindset. List the things you think are good traits about yourself. Confide in someone youcn trust, like a close friend. Maybe even family members who might understand. Don't feel you have to go through this alone. You can work through your problems with others.

    Sorry, the above is rather generic advice without knowing in detail what ghe cause of your loneliness is. I hope you manage to work things out and get out from this feeling.

    • No need to apologize,sorry I didn't reply to this sooner,have not really been on,And..I don't know,just feel lonely,Yes I do hate myself very much,if I wasn't such a coward I would cut/kill myself hahaa,This one girl is saying a lot of hurtful things about me but I will admit it,i deserve it,i did some bad things to her that I regret,i am a bad person

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  • I feel lonely too, it's not a very nice things to feel really just depressing and tormenting, just make more new friends and hang out with them a lot so your not alone, you should be fine then.

  • I know the feeling. Too brave to think about suicide, and yet too coward to actually doing it. I fel like that not so long ago. That feeling of loneliness even among your "friends". What I did to try to stop those feelings, was concentrating more on me, I'm like 100% self-absorbed. Think about what you like to do, and do it. Like hobbies, playing some kind of sport, watch movies, anime. Just find what you enjoy doing, an DO IT. For me, I found out, that wearing more make up makes me a little happier as shallow and selfish as this may sound. Also, reading this site helped me a lot

    • Lol its funny because I love watching anime xD,Even if I do concentrate more on myself,that will not solve this lonely problem,And I always thought that others were more important than myself,I would easily give my life for one of my friends,you can say I somewhat see myself as a "tool"

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    • There are people who you live with and probably hate, why is this any different? If you hate it so much then go out and make some friend. Try to deal with your feelings about yourself and make peace with it too

    • ya...if I could just go out and do that so easily then I would,and even when I am with the friends that I do have,i sometimes feel lonely,like I don't fit in

  • I feel for you. I'm in similar circumstances to tell truthfully I have been having thoughts about what if I weren't here but truth is, when I really think about it, it doesn't make it any easier that I'm not here.

    so I choose to live. I have recieved counselling in the past which helped a bit but I rely mostly on my strength. when I feel lonely, of course I'll find a quiet place to myself.

    I have to admit I have few friends but those friends usually try to help me.

    I'm doign what I can to expand my net work too at the moment.

    • Its not about how many friend you got,it is about how good they are as a friend,hmm that is a good idea,find a nice quiet place hahaa,hope ya feel better!

  • We all have those moments hun. Try to resolve the issue in a safe appropriate manner (I strongly advise you NOT and I quote NOT to do anything silly like self harm or think of suicide). Because take it from someone who's done those things, it may seem to take away the pain but really all it leaves is ugly scars and it just opens a negative door and the negative door's will keep opening. Maybe try talking to someone about the issue.

    Someone once told me this

    "when life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life you have 1000 reasons to smile'

    • I have no reason to smile,i am a reject,even when I hang out with the people I love I still feel lonely,i already thought of those things but I am such a coward I won't do them,I know other people are going through worst things than me,so I shouldn't complain but idk

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    • hmm how did you lose the feeling of love?Yes you can enjoy being single but not to the point when you freakin mess with different guys,hmmm hard to talk to people I guess

    • Long story with me. Let's just put it like this. I dont' have a normal life and as the years come it's just gets worse and worse. Long story. Hahah I am trying to help you as much as I can. You are annoymous so I don't know who you are but I do respect that you don't want to talk about it. Just please try to see life more better. View life more positive and don't waste it because hun every moment counts.

  • You know, everyone feels lonely from time to time, it's just the way it is :P Human beings have this thing where we constantly have to around someone ! :P I suggest finding something you lovee to do ! :D Do something you like and make it a hobby. In order to love life and to make friends, you must like your OWN company first !:) Find yourself. Your interests and such. DO something relaxing, go for walks, see nature ya know? The world is actually beautiful, even though it may seem boring.. in the city:P Explore, search, and love yourself:) With that, you can conquer anything:) Build up your confidence, and you'll feel awesome in no time ! Let me know how things go:D

    • Thanks I will try ^.^

  • just keep doing things you like, listen to music. NO DEPRESSING MUSIC. go to the gym, go for a run, surround yourself with people you love. trust me I've been there and it sucks but you just need to pick yourself back up

    • How can I pick myself back up?

  • make some friends and do something with your life. get out there and join the world

    • Think I will do that,need to stop being shy xD

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  • Well, being lonely is part of life, as is being sad. If you don't truly feel these feelings and reflect on them, really let yourself understand why you have those feelings, you'll never grow.

    I have mentioned it in a previous post of mine, but if you're not feeling so great, Thomas Moore's 'Dark Night of the Soul' is an excellent book to help you understand and appreciate the soul-building hardships that people face with courage, determination and hope.

  • I sometimes feel lonely and a little depressed. I just never really park there and focus on it when I do. I either just focus on what I like to do or just kind of ride it realizing its just a part of life and that lm in good company. Its all just part of the ride of life and believe it or not it kind of makes me feel good because I just feel like I just can lay back and cruise. Its kind of hard for me to describe and I know it doesn't make a lot of sense because we are taught to act happy all the time but I just love to dig these roller coaster moments and its been working fine for me.

  • life is worth living, as long as you hang in there. life will get better for you as time goes on. people your age get way too emotional, with those hormones bubbling over. find something you like doing and do it, get a hobby, make friends. try and get yourself a girl, but get rid of those depressing feels of yours first.

    if you actually thought about it, what if someone walked up to you right now and said "do you want to die?" and pulled a gun on you, would you still be begging for death or peeing your pants? personally id be peeing my pants

    • Well right now it isn't,and it is not getting better,i agree that I am a little bit too emotional,I can't get a girl hahaa...,Honestly I don't know how I will react since I never been in that type of situation,i could say that I would act tough and tell him to do it but in reality if that really happen I might do the opposite

    • well iam saying he gave you a choice life or death, if you say shoot he shoots, if you say no he walks away

    • Depends how I feel at that moment,If I felt like how I felt yesterday I would say shoot

  • Honestly life gets so much better when you get a little older.

    Please don't take that away from yourself. Hang in there. You will be glad that you did.

    • How does it get better?

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    • hmmm I think it is because I am somewhat anti-social,i mean I want to be social and talk to a LOT of people but something is stopping me,maybe the fear of being rejected?

    • We ALL fear rejection. Sometimes younger girls are flat out mean to us when we ask them out. That also changes as you get older (20) Girls take it as a compliment & are nicer if they say no. They often will give a reason so we don't feel devastated. Being more open also comes with age. I know I'm now a chatty Cathy with a strange sense of humor. When I was your age I was too shy & even afraid of what people might think of me. Now I have fun. If you like my jokes good if not sorry.