Why don't girls look at me or approach me if I'm extremely good-looking?

This is just ridiculous, what does a guy have to do in order to get noticed by girls?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Again, what one girl may find attractive, another girl won't. I'm currently crushing BIG TIME on this guy who isn't even attractive, but he has a thing. You know the thing right ? I'm sure everyone does. It's this attraction you cannot explain, that doesn't have one specific reason such as "he has a nice laugh" or "he has an ass that makes me want to dry hump".

    Basically, instead of looking for a specific answer from us girls, the only think you can do is -yes you've guessed correctly- BE YOURSELF.

    No girl would go for you if you aren't being yourself. Even if you lack confidence (which is a thing that you either have or you don't, frankly), some girl would find that ADORABLE while another girl couldn't be more turned off by it, and needs a man to take over.

    However, the title of your question kind of hints that you may be a little more arrogant than you should. Too much of a good thing can be bad, and in this case we're talking about confidence. So try to tone it down a little bit. I understand your frustration, but good things are worth waiting for.