Why don't girls look at me or approach me if I'm extremely good-looking?

This is just ridiculous, what does a guy have to do in order to get noticed by girls?


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  • Again, what one girl may find attractive, another girl won't. I'm currently crushing BIG TIME on this guy who isn't even attractive, but he has a thing. You know the thing right ? I'm sure everyone does. It's this attraction you cannot explain, that doesn't have one specific reason such as "he has a nice laugh" or "he has an ass that makes me want to dry hump".

    Basically, instead of looking for a specific answer from us girls, the only think you can do is -yes you've guessed correctly- BE YOURSELF.

    No girl would go for you if you aren't being yourself. Even if you lack confidence (which is a thing that you either have or you don't, frankly), some girl would find that ADORABLE while another girl couldn't be more turned off by it, and needs a man to take over.

    However, the title of your question kind of hints that you may be a little more arrogant than you should. Too much of a good thing can be bad, and in this case we're talking about confidence. So try to tone it down a little bit. I understand your frustration, but good things are worth waiting for.

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  • Well Do you smile, Do you laugh at things, shower?

    Basically Find a girl you like, walk up to her and start talking to her, look at what she is wearing, does she like to read ( Books?) pet lover? is she a runner? and just work on talking to random girls anywhere, even in the store, Hold open doors for them, be a gentleman.

    Looks are not anything to most girls, they want to see there is more there then a pretty face. or a good body, I'd rather have a okay looking guy who has an amazing mind, then a great looking guy who is an Ass.

    Check out how you treat people, and how you come off to people. examine your self basically

  • i agree with all of the answers below me, however there is one that sums everything up for you. if your not getting approach and you feel you do attracted women, then make the first move and iniciate somthing. when you do this you give kind of an o.k for them, and you'll be satisfied in the end if you play your cards right that is. over time, women tend to catch on in a way, and eventually they will approach you. you can't come off to strong though, by this I mean try toning down the fect you know your hot, its a mega turn off, and girls immidiatly feel rejected by this. turns any attractive guy into the ugliest dweeb

  • that attitude, no offense but some girls don't like guys who think they deserve every female to worship the ground he walks on. maybe you are having a bad day and they don't react positively to your sad face or frown?

  • Admittedly I don't go for good looking guys, especially if they looked 'made up' (gelled hair, takes extra care of his appearance, etc.) Mainly cause I am not the type of girl who spends hours in front of the mirror and I am rarely attracted to guys who do.

    Also I am guilty of being one of those girls who immediately dismisses a good-looking guy (metrosexual good-looking) because I am not attracted to them. I prefer guys who are rough around the edges (whether cause they are lumber jacks, or geeks, or whatever.) My girl friends say its a good thing since then they can snatch up all the gorgeous hunks they want while I chase after the 'best friend' ;)

  • You know, is it that you want a specific girl to notice you or general looks?! Because these two "looks" for a guy are very different. If you intend to get attention from a specific girl you need to be you, the general look if you want the mass of girls to eye you, you need to have a clean, polished, good mannered, a little cocky, nice hair, and nice clothing-look. The mass will se your exterior, and the "first impression". And the one specific will see both, your outer and inner qualities. Hope I helped you a little.

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  • If you're extremely good looking as you state, why aren't YOU approaching women?

    Let me put it to you this way - the girls are most likely checking you out when you're present. They already find you attractive. But they're too worried or shy to even say something to you. Girls don't like being rejected - it can send them into an emotionally frenzy state and make them feel bad for the rest of the day, or possibly week or month.

    You see an attractive girl you want - go get her. And be NICE about it. Being a cocky jerk will make you look immature, stupid, and childish. Be a man and make the move - it's been this way since mankind evolved.

    Otherwise, if you want girls to approach you, then just sit back and be lazy. You'll lose interest and reject them fast, despite the girls' valiant, confident effort to get to know you more.

  • Post a pic, dude for help.

  • Because they're too busy looking at me ;)

  • Um, man up and approach a girl yourself? What self entitlement you have over your looks, something you have little control over. Pride yourself in something you accomplish or do, not what was given to you.

    • probably the best answer here .. I like that "pride yourself in something you accomplish, not what is given to you".

  • Just been good lookign doesn't get you anywhere seriously, girls WANT you to appraoch them. Most of the time they will be checking you out and wishing that you would appraoch them

    • Exactly no lass is ever going to go upto a lad who might reject her shed rather look and wish he'd move his ass and notice her

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