Does she like me?

This girl who is a mutual friend of my group just did something quite odd and out of the ordinary, earlier today she was doing some stuff and it tired her out, before she slept she called me,( for some reason out of the group she only calls me, or makes me priorty to call first) she then wakes up and ask what I was doing ect ect normal chit chat, I said I'm with the group of friends, and she tells me she's going to the gym then.

So as time pass bout hour or so. She gets out of the gym and decides to call me. to see what I was doing, I said I was still here at the friends house, and welcome her to come over. She then tells me she just got out of the gym and there are no girls there so she'll just go home and what ever, I kinda playfully bust her chops and tell her you do whatever you want to do OK and ill catch you later. so then I hung up.

She then calls back 5 minutes later "how do I get there?" at this point I'm already confuse as in to what changed her mind. The house is no where near her house and it isn't on the way, it actually is way out of the way for her but whatever, she then ask does anyone want food she'll buy, and a small order was made. she then comes over, she sits there not really saying anything just eating as us guys were playing games. after she finished she just gets up and says she gonna go cause she got school tomorrow and she wants to shower cause she just got of the gym. I kinda was in my own zone but I notice she was content on being there. so I kinda walked her out, not that it was my intention to, but her mood changed instantly as I walked her to the car. and she was more open and talkative. I asked her why'd you come if you were just gonna leave, she hesitated a little but it seems just just came up with a random excuse saying "I thought someone was following me so I came" it was so random and I could tell it just wasn't real, But it wasn't worth asking anymore questions so I let it go and said our goodbyes

ok, guys, can you fill me in onto what this kind of behavior tells you about her, I don't want to jump into and conclusion but does this girl have something towards me compared to the other guys?

Its weird because even though she is very attractive I've really havn't made any effort into courting with her. we are just friends, and I don't see anything more.


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  • ok well this is what I think! she made you a priority obviously she either likes you or she'd rather hang out with you then the other ones! & she wanted to hang out with you so that's why she called you but since you where with your friends she didn't really want to hang out she didn't want to be the only girl there of course! it would be very awkward for me too... so she didn't want to go but either wanted to see you /hang out /or was bored one of those...& since you kinda said fine whatever don't come she called you & said how do I get there ?...she then prob wanted to see you..THEN When she gets there OF COURSEE she is going to be quiet & shy its 1 girl against all your guy friends so it TOTALLY made her feel uncomfortable with no other girl in the room& when she said she had to go OBVIOUSLY she felt uncomfortable there so she made an excuse to leave that's what I would have done !but when you walked her to her car it was just you 2 so she definitively opened up & about that whole "SOMEONE WAS FOLLOWINGME" noo I doubt it she just didn't wanna b straight & tell you she wanted to visit you overall it seems she likes you or rather hang out with you so yea ! hope I helped

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      very detailed with this response, and it did help alittle, thanks, but see here the thing I don't understand how she couldn't be comfortable with the other guys, she knows all of them well and probably knows them better than me.

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      could be true but when there is only1 GIRL in the room I don't know it might be weird then again if she knows them then yea I don't know why she was being shy