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Does she like me?

This girl who is a mutual friend of my group just did something quite odd and out of the ordinary, earlier today she was doing some stuff and it... Show More

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  • ok well this is what I think! she made you a priority obviously she either likes you or she'd rather hang out with you then the other ones! & she wanted to hang out with you so that's why she called you but since you where with your friends she didn't really want to hang out she didn't want to be the only girl there of course! it would be very awkward for me too... so she didn't want to go but either wanted to see you /hang out /or was bored one of those...& since you kinda said fine whatever don't come she called you & said how do I get there ?...she then prob wanted to see you..THEN When she gets there OF COURSEE she is going to be quiet & shy its 1 girl against all your guy friends so it TOTALLY made her feel uncomfortable with no other girl in the room& when she said she had to go OBVIOUSLY she felt uncomfortable there so she made an excuse to leave that's what I would have done !but when you walked her to her car it was just you 2 so she definitively opened up & about that whole "SOMEONE WAS FOLLOWINGME" noo I doubt it she just didn't wanna b straight & tell you she wanted to visit you overall it seems she likes you or rather hang out with you so yea ! hope I helped

    • very detailed with this response, and it did help alittle, thanks, but see here the thing I don't understand how she couldn't be comfortable with the other guys, she knows all of them well and probably knows them better than me.

    • could be true but when there is only1 GIRL in the room I don't know it might be weird then again if she knows them then yea I don't know why she was being shy

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  • She seems to like you! Hope everything works out! (:

  • She difinitely likes you at the same time she's being really full on calling you like every five minutes. The question is do you like her? If you don't I think you should drop some hints (tactfully) to let her know to back off, like talk about a girl you really do like around her...

  • She seems a little weird to me?

    Someone was following her? Ummm... doubt it.

    On the plus side, she totally likes you. Like, definitely.

    But, if you don't see anything happening between the two of you, you should probably let her know now.

  • she likes you a lot :) she want to spend some alone time with you get to know u

  • She is obviously into you... if you have never shown any interested and she keeps on calling, well, she is not making any effort to hide her feelings. If there were no others girls at the party, she came for you ( not the games.) Her exuse was terrible, she obviously just wanted to come with you... all of the signs are there, just decide if you like her like that, and if not you better tell her soon.

  • ok well she does see more that's the problem she wanted to come SEE YOU. that's why she came but she didn't want to admit it because then she wuld be very embarressed. That's why she made that up and at first when you told her she culd come she turned it down at first because she didn't want to sound really needy and wanting to be with you. She wanted to try to sound as normal as she could. And yes she deffinently has a thing for you.

  • she definitely likes you. calling you like 3x a day. and asked if anyone wanted anything so she could get in good with your buddies? You really need to never flirt with her please don't lead her on. she probably only told you she was going to the gym to see if you would magically show up there. Don't try to be all friendsy but don't be rude either. maybe in order to be actual friends you need to calmly tell her you don't feel the same way as you think she feels lol

  • She DEFIANTLY likes you. Get your flirt on. (: Make a move!

  • The questions about her behavior? She likes you and wanna spend time with you? She REALLY has a stalker and feels you can protect her? She calls you first (you're the only one she calls) because she REALLY REALLY likes you? She feels shy around your guy friends but doesn't want to be killjoy so she kept quiet and since you didn't try talking to her, she felt out of place? She looks content as she sits quietly but maybe she just LOOKS it? She was more open once you two are alone because she feels comfortable being with you?

    Those questions or more can drive you crazy and she probably wouldn't answer you either.

    The real questions you should ask is: Do I like her? How do I feel about her? is she more than a friend? More than my best friend? She may like me but do I like her? It seems like she likes me but do I want her to like me? She calls me up in the middle of whatever I was doing, so she must like me but do I like her back? She calls me during a time I was having fun and I didn't mind her calling, I even asked her over so do I like her?

    Find out how you feel first. It's definitely easier to understand how you feel first. If you don't like her, then why are you wondering? If she's just a friend and you don't want her to become more, then why think about it? Lastly, do you mind her interruptions? If you don't then you probably like her ;)

  • maybe she just got nervous, I've done stupid stuff like that. I'm confused though as if you like her, or not. If you don't like her let her know. If you do like her, let her know. I don't call people and talk to them for an hour unless I genuinely like them or really want to talk to them.

  • she DEFINETLY likes you omg. she wanted you alone with her before she opened up

  • Dude... she totally likes you :)

  • Well if you don't see anything more, nothing is really there. Maybe she does like you and did a good deed to break the ice. I don't think females would go the extra yard after you bust their chops but...I don't know maybe she has no friends. by the way when you are constantly defining things that are happening, things that someone says or does as weird, most like it is and they are weird to. Sometimes it can be shyness or they just don't know how to communicate

  • lol she was giving you just about every subtile sign that she is interested in you. Like she wanted to spend time witih you to see if she does like you. I think she's starting to feel you up as a potential guy to date. If your interested in her let her know. But she definitely went out of her way to hangout with you.

  • she sounds like she really likes you
    or it can be that she has no friends and that's why she's at the gym and wasting her time traveling and going home...just to kill time! but comon you said she was attractive!

    • lol, oh she has tons of friends she's in the modeling industry and does tons of music videos, her social connect is out of this world, but as attractive as she is, I still enjoy being her friend and never really looked into anything more, its just got me really dumbfounded when I ran into this behavior because it was quite odd. y'know?

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    • XD well Its like see it coming from one of the boys it just makes you go "wtf?" lol well that a interesting way to put it though, now I'm placed in a awkward predicament... I guess that another question to ask, and another story to tell, thanks!

    • What if she has paranoia? OR she might actually have a stalker! You should comfort her as much as you can and try to figure out whether you like her or not.

  • I think she likes you. Why else would she ask you where you were, & then call an hour later to see if you were with your friend? Maybe she's trying to make it obvious to you without making it too obvious. Also if she didn't she probably wouldn't hesitate before leaving, unless she's really really shy or not interested. (That was the case for me. - the whole shy thing. Last year, my crush walked me home & I got so nervous, that I ran off. But I made sure to thank him for doing walking me so he wouldn't take it the wrong way lol - hopefully he didn't...)

  • She's into you... and a little desperate. If you're into her, take her out, but if you just see her as a friend, then be a good friend and set the boundaries, talk it out, and let her know where you're at, but by no means lead her on. Do the right thing.

  • She likes you. That's exactly how I act around my crush.

  • I don't know, sorry

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